Did Jay-Z Light A Fire Under Nas? Announces Kings Disease III!

Nas and Jay-Z are a pair that keep making each other better. Is Nas telling Jay-Z something with the release of “Magic” and now the “King’s Disease 3” announcement?

Nas and Jay-Z’s rivalry is eternal and never-ending. I don’t care how many songs they do together! From a New York perspective they are the apex of New York giants! When Jay-Z said there’s nobody that can stand on a Verzuz stage with him, he said it with his CHEST. He didn’t even consider anybody, not even Nas. Not LL. Not Busta! Not Eminem. Not Lil Wayne. Man! And we have been talking about it ever since!

Now, on several occasions, Nas would drop a project and then Jay magically drops something at almost the same time. It has happened too many times and you all know it has happened so I am not going to do the “research” and look each instance up! It was NOT happenstance! Now it looks like Nas is doing the same!

As Jay-Z was talking about Verzuz, Nas announced a sneak project, Magic. Magic dropped at midnight Christmas eve today. The Jay-Z / Verzuz talk didn’t exactly stop, but it certainly was quelled! AND the contrast is stark! Nas does not really talk, but he is dropping a lot of really dope projects.

Nas & Hit-Boy Surprise Project “Magic” Arrives

So, not only did he get the Grammy for King’s Disease and is an early contender for another Grammy with part 2…he announced KDIII!


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Jay has to see this!

I think he is going to find a creative way to drop new music like Dr. Dre!

Lets gooooooo

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