Did Migos’ Offset Knock Up Two Women At The Same Time?


Migos’ Offset is something else. Rumor has it that he knocked up two women at the same time, and that one of them was just a fling. A woman named Oriel Jaime gave birth to Offset’s son earlier this year. Offset posted intimate moments with his son to his Instagram account. Just when it appeared that Offset may be a great father, a rumor hit that allegedly Offset may have another child who he is abandoning by a woman named Shya Lamour. The Shade Room has stated that they received a tip from a very credible source who is alleging Offset knows the other child is his, but he barely has a relationship with the child. Shya posted a photo to her Instagram over a year ago with the caption “Chillin til Migos.” Then months later her baby was born around the same time as Oriel’s! Shya also has an unreleased diss track about Offset being a dead beat where she rants about knowing better but still making poor choices. She claims Offset has never met their baby girl. WRAP IT UP PEOPLE!!!