Did Quavo And The Migos Beat Up Dude Over Saweetie Interview?


Did Quavo and crew beat up an interviewer over Saweetie?

The streets are talking. If you can call them streets…

The Migos allegedly issued a beat down to Justin LAboy, a Revolt TV host, while they all partied at the same club in Atlanta.

There is not a lot to go on, but tis is what the internets are saying. First of all, LAboy is one of the dudes that interviewed Saweetie and people have stated that he is decidedly pro-woman. He is so pro-woman that people are calling him a simp of sorts. But, two weeks ago, he was asking Saweetie a bunch of intimate questions and seemingly lead to the break up of Quavo &  Saweetie. This dude just goes all into her biz, from one night stands to threesomes.

Apparently, LAboy found some humor in them breaking up after his interview and the Migos did not.

This could be bogus. But for now…this is Hip-Hop talk. Quavious Keyate Marshall is not to be played with. Of course the inner-webs had jokes.