Did Quentin Miller Diss Drake On New Song?


Quentin Miller, Drake’s alleged ghostwriter, released a track called “Potential” that has people thinking he’s taking shots at Drake again. Miller raps,

“N*ggas gonna put on that hat and act like it wasn’t me doing it… N*iggas stealing the swag and think they gone get away with it.”

He also said,

“How many albums that went platinum this year that dont got my name on it – I’ll wait on it.”

Well, Drake’s ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ album did go platinum, and Miller is credited on four of the tracks. Could Quentin be in his feelings because of him reportedly being paid only $5,000 for his contributions to the album. Fans felt Quentin dissed Drake on “Cease & Desist” too, but he said he’d never diss Drake. So who is Quentin talking about?