Did Someone Shoot Up Downtown Dallas To Push “The Agenda”?

Is this possible?

So, everybody has already changed what they are talking about. Just a couple of days, the world was talking about the murder and execution of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. And now they aren’t. They are talking about the police that were shot and/or killed in Dallas. One suspect dead and there are supposedly three others in custody.

Supposedly. Anyway, ponder the unthinkable. Rumor has it the shooter[s] were white males. One of the early accounts from sources at the scene state that there was a white male in a police vehicle shooting. Before the shots rang out. Certainly there are a lot of ways thing could be taken in the midst of chaos.

The rally of thousands of protesters was peaceful. The actual protesters did nothing wrong. Could it be possible that clandestine (or not so clandestine) forces shot up the rally to create the calamity?

This assertion is nothing new and people are talking about it, even though nobody will publicly. Could these forces have shot up the rally? Sure. Nothing new. Remember how the cops shot up N.W.A. concerts to perpetuate the notion that those shows were inherently violent?

Remember COINTELPRO and how the government dismantled groups like the Black Panthers? If you don’t, look it up. The police were known to shoot up gangs drive-by style and cause gangs to fight each other. For example, they would arrest somebody and then drop him off in a rival hood and make it look like he was working with the cops. In places like Ferguson, it was KNOWN that police and others would cause drama at otherwise peaceful protests so that the peaceful protesters would seem animal-like and lawless. You know, stuff like that.

So, suddenly the narrative and focus has changed and people are mourning the police and not Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and people like that. Even the SCOUNDREL of police brutality is no longer the focus.

And then a commercial of Jason Bourne comes on as a sniper…

Think about it.