DMX Says Eminem Doesn’t Want Smoke!

DMX continues to call Eminem, out…but what does he want from a wigga?

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(AllHipHop Rumors) DMX does not bit his tongue!

“Eminem don’t want it,” DMX said! Straight like that! It didn’t take long for him to shift his energy back to Jigga.

Of Jay-Z, he said, “You can’t go in the basement and play some records?!… That’s what I’m saying. That’s why it should be done. It’s a celebration. We’re celebrating music. He got some hits, too! He can play ‘Money, Cash, Hoes,’ then I can play ‘Money, Cash, Hoes.'” 

This is Jay-Z we are talking about! He doesn’t do that sort of thing! Whereas, Eminem does “want it” according to DMX, Fat Joe feels like…nobody cane beat him! “I don’t think nobody can f### with Eminem.”

Earlier in the week, Fat Joe sat down with Nori and the guys at drink champs and they discussed Eminem versus DMX. Well guess what, fat Joe doesn’t think anybody can beat Eminem. DMX has not commented on Joe’s remarks, but the dog is calling Eminem out. He wants to do this. We all know he really wants to battle Jay Z, but we know that Dj is not going to do this thing.

Fat Joe said:

“DMX got the biggest hits in the world, one of the greatest rappers of all time. Legendary, iconic, superhero. And everything I’m saying is understating, he’s bigger than that. But there’s something about that white boy and his fans—nah bro, you want to see something cracking the internet? That n###a David Koresh, that n###a different!”

And to further punctuate what he felt, he said that Eminem is a one of a kind type of Rapper.

“Eminem was hot when we came out. His fans from day one are 40, 41 years old. These white people teach their kids that Eminem is the greatest. You go to the airports and 10-year-olds are playing his sh#t,” Joe continued. “When you say generational wealth, they keep teaching their kids that he’s the man to the ultimate science.”

Now, Fat Joe did not disrespect DMX and did manage to give him his props too. By the way, I disagree with Joe. He makes Em sound like Elvis…which he may be to his fans.

What do you think?