Donald Trump is Conspicuously Absent for 9/11 Remembrance — in His Own City

Donald Trump

Trash. Hot basura. Garbage. Waste.

Donald Trump is trash. Hot basura. Garbage.

Those aren’t rumors. Those aren’t speculations. Those aren’t opinions. Those are stone-cold, hard-core facts, and facts don’t give a f##k about your feelings, as the Donald Trump supporters like to say.

Today is the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the day that claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 Americans, injured 6,000 others, and still has people finding human remains in the rubble to this day.

It’s a somber day — a day of remembrance — a day when the former and current Presidents of the United States can all come together and stop acting like partisan a##holes for a day and actually get it together.

And where is Donald Trump, you ask?

Preparing for his upcoming hosting gig later on tonight. Or maybe he’s golfing. Or maybe he’s wiping his portly culo with Melania’s facial washcloth. Who the hell knows? All we know is, Donald Trump is nowhere to be found.

But then again, considering the guy made light of the day when it actually happened — considering how he was more worried about who had the tallest building (hint: it wasn’t him) than about who actually got hurt — it shouldn’t be surprising at all.

Anyone who still supports this Mango MAGA Motherf##ker after this slap in the face can take their Trump 2020 flag and shove it up their fat tuchas. It will fit perfectly right next to the Ivermectin, the Trump Coin, and whatever other detritus this game show host managed to convince you to spend your Social Security check on.

UPDATE (11:31 AM): Trump finally issued a statement on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 — and it was one that should have been left in the drafts.