Dr. Umar Johnson Fuels Kobe Bryant Assassination Theories

Dr. Umar Johnson has shook up the world with this wild theories on Kobe Bryant and The Illuminati.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The world is still reeling over the sudden, tragic death of Kobe Bryant, GiGi and seven other people in a crazy helicopter crash. There has been no formal reveal on the deaths yet, but early reports suggest that the fog was too much. The fog was apparently so thick that the police downed their choppers. 

The whole Black nation is talking about Dr. Umar Johnson, the controversial Pan Africanist and psychology master. Well, he came up with a theory that has gotten people in a big ol’ TIZZY! He basically claims that Kobe Bryant was assassinated. How? They messed with his helicopter propellor and it caused the plane to crash. Who did this? He does not specify, but he alludes to the government, the Illuminati, a big pharma company and the NBA. WOW. Look at the video and tell me what you think?


A lot of people are believing this crazy stuff! Not me!

He is going to have to substantiate these claims with more facts and more information than that!!!! But people are believing it! The one that seems somewhat interesting is the notion that the NBA was not pleased that Kobe might be starting a league in China. 

“They did not crash because of the fog—that was an expert pilot. Kobe was sabotaged. Not to mention, Kobe Bryant was engaged in a legal battle with a big pharmaceutical company over the use of the name, ‘Black Mamba.’ You understand me? Radar can see through the fog. Radar can see through the fog. They didn’t crash because of no damn fog and it wasn’t no wind. The propeller was sabotaged.”

Hopefully, Dr. Umar can get to the bottom of this!