Drake Have A Word For Woman Making Pregnancy Claims


(AllHipHop Rumors) Well there are always three sides to every story, so I can’t wait to see who’s telling the truth here.

Word on the curb is that Instagram thot model Layla Lace’s claims of being pregnant by Drake are completely fabricated!

Layla recently made public claims that Drake got her pregnant and started to dodge her once she told him. Lace claims that they met up in London and had sex, and when she reached out to the 6 God and told him they had a baby on the way, he jumped ship.

According to TMZ, sources close to Drake say that Drake has never met the woman, and his team never even reached out to her or threatened her with a lawsuit. They claim she made it all up for attention.

Layla has since deleted the social media posts, and Drake’s team believes she did this because she received the attention she was looking for.

It’s crazy that people really do make up things and publicity stunts for attention. Then again Drizzy is known to hit these Insta thots models raw [see Jhonni Blaze]. Who do you think is telling the truth?