Drake Looks Shook In Marcy Projects For Video!

When doing a rap video goes wrong! Drake may be guilty as charged when doing a video in Jiggas old home.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Before you guys get started on me hating Drake, I don’t. I actually think he is Top 5 DOA of the modern era. But, being from Canada may not bode well when he comes stateside trying to get respect going to Jay-Z’s old hood without getting a hood pass. In a recent video, it looks like Drake went to Marcy Projects to do a video and was really, really nervous while shooting it. Now, we don’t know what this was for and perhaps there were some exceptionally rowdy dudes in the background, but Drake couldn’t even rap his lines. Now, look at this and tell me what you think. 

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Clearly, from the 22 seconds in this clip, nobody can really tell what is going on. Maybe looking nervous is part of the video. Maybe Drake is acting out a part where he is required to be a shook one. Maybe Jay-Z or Memphis Bleek is a co-star and we don’t know about out! Anything can happen! 

I know that Drake ain’t the sort of guy to do anything that would endanger his multi-million dollar life. Then, why do a video in the projects, when he ain’t even good in said projects. He should have sufficient good will and security to be able to shoot a video like when he is down south in the land that birthed his daddy. 

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