Drake May Be Off The Hook In Baby Mama Scandal Because Of This Rapper


(AllHipHop Rumors) It seems like every stripper, Instagram model, and p### star are trying to say that Drake is their baby daddy!

At this point, I would hope that Drake believes in wearing condoms as I’m still scarred from Jhonni Blaze’s admission that he hit it raw.

Moving on, word on the curb is that Drake may actually be off the hook in one of his latest baby mama scandals with former p### star Sophie Brussaux, as the woman may really be pregnant by none other than A$AP Rocky.

What’s crazy is A$AP Rocky is supposedly dating Kendall Jenner and allegedly hooking up with Tahiry on the low.

In the cruel yet comedic world of social media, folks believe that A$AP Rocky and Kendall Jenner are really each other’s beards. Fix it Jesus. Anyway, these rappers and Instagram models sure do get around. Both Drake and A$AP could’ve smashed, but so could have many others.

Who do you think is the baby’s father?!