EDI of The Outlawz Talks Wack 100, Joey BadAss and Funk Flex


(AllHipHop Rumors) E.D.I. of The Outlawz has a podcast. I had no idea. But, this is the thing. Wack 100 has remained very viable by talking about Tupac. “If you want attention, this is what you do,” E.D.I. said. And then he went in on it. So this is straight from the mouth of one of the dudes that was crew with ‘Pac.

“In the sprite of evolution I try to spend my time on positivity,” E.D.I. says. He is very mature. “Certain s### you gotta speak on.” He proceeds to talk about Joey BadAss, Wack 100, and Funk Flex. I am not even going to condense what they said because it is actually a great conversation. E.D.I. is smart!

So, yes, there is no rumor here. Just something to talk about.

And to that:

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