Epic Fail/Win of the Day: LINDSAY LOHAN BACK TO JAIL!


Epic Fail/Win of the Day” LINDSAY LOHAN BACK TO JAIL!

HAHAHAHAHA! I hate to say this, but I am happy to see somebody other than a rapper go to jail repeatedly! Lindsay Lohan is about to do 30 days in the bing for missing some court-mandated reporting she had to do. So, whatever. Here is the funny part, which is actually a 2-part epic win. The court allowed allowed her to finish a nude photo layout with Playboy magazine. She’s reportedly being paid a cool MILLI (That’s $1,000,000) to take it all off. I guess they would have their hands in her pocket if she was wearing clothing. In that case they have their hands in her…ew.Speaking of “ew,” where has Paris Hilton been? This may be the the worst week ever for pop stars. Justin Beiber, the baby daddy? Click here for that one. #winning. (They are already saying she’s going to do a few minutes in the BING and the she’s BE out.) Gucci, call Lohan’s lawyer.