Eric Trump Tries To Play Ice Cube & 50 Cent Out…With Photoshopped “Trump” Picture!

Ice Cube

Ice Cube is not feeling Eric Trump!

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Ice Cube is getting a taste of exactly what it’s like to deal with the Trump Administration. The Trumpets met with Ice Cube and some of Ice Cube‘s people a couple of weeks ago and all hell broke loose. The rapper, pushing his Contracts With Black America, entertained the meetings in the effort to improve the condition of Black people in America, so he says.

Ice Cube Offers Explanation For Working With The Trump Administration

And it seems like the revolutionary rapper has Black People‘s best interests at heart. However, dealing with a president like Trump and an administration to boot has provided a challenging atmosphere for him. So, today Eric Trump the son of Donald, tweeted a photoshopped picture of both Ice Cube and 50 Cent, who recently endorsed Donald Trump, calling them “courageous Americans.” Never forget: Ice Cube called on to be arrested in 2018.

Ice Cube Raises Eyebrows With Trump, Biden & Proud Boys Comments

In the photoshopped picture, both Ice Cube and 50 Cent were wearing Trump hats. Well, the only thing is neither one of them were actually wearing Trump hats. Ice Cube had on a Big 3 hat in the original and 50 Cent had on a New York Yankees hat but somebody decided to put Trump on both of them. Well, that did not go over too well with Ice Cube because he decided to respond on Twitter with “n*gga please.” And then came the comments!

Check out some of the comments from around the Internet space regarding this fiasco.

They are using all these n-words!