Ernest Baker’s ‘Black American Psycho’ Seems To Hint At Drake & Meek Mill Beef


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Drake’s friend and writer Ernest Baker’s book, ‘Black American Psycho’, appears to hint much on his relationship with Drake and the Drake & Meek Mill beef.

Although a disclaimer in the front of the book says it’s loosely based on his life and any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental, we know exactly where he got this storyline from!

The book is described to be about an ambitious music writer, Arthur Simon, who is based in NYC while he struggles with tendencies that threaten to derail his promising career as a music writer.

It’s a leaked excerpt from Chapter 9 that seems to tell it all. Chapter 9 is mostly about these three characters Ernest (Arthur), Drake (Rake), and Meek Mill (Bleek Bill).

The novel talks about how Ernest became friends with Drake and how Drake and Meek were once friends, but Meek became salty when Drake’s alleged ghostwriter, Quentin Miller, wouldn’t write for him. The chapter even chronicle’s Drake’s OVO Fest “power point” based Meek Mill “murder”.

Check out part of the excerpt below. What are your thoughts?

“Arthur became close friends with Rake that summer. Their friendship peaked when Rake beefed with Bleek Bill, a rapper who publicly accused Rake of using ghostwriters, and boyfriend of Rake’s ex, Vicki Menage. Rake recorded a diss aimed at Bleek Bill and sent Arthur an early version of the song one night in late July…………………….Rake worked on the song for the rest of the night. By the time he finished, it was 5:00 a.m. “Should I drop it tomorrow night?” asked Rake. “No. Drop the song right now,” said Arthur. “Tweet ‘Scary hours’ before you do it.” “You know what’s the craziest part?” “What’s that?” “I live in the Four Seasons when I’m in Toronto,” said Rake. “Bleek and Vicki had a concert here last night. They’re in the room directly below me right now.” Rake released the song shortly after 5:00 a.m. The song had the intended effect. Rake was instantly crowned the victor in the battle with Bleek Bill….. Arthur went to Toronto the following weekend. Rake was hosting the annual Owl Festival in his hometown……..“Dog, you want to know how the whole ghostwriter sh*t started?” said Rake. “Of course,” said Arthur. “Bleek approached the kid who wrote for me to write for him. The kid was like, ‘Nah, I’m down with Rake right now, so I’m sticking with him.’ Bleek felt disrespected and figured he would try to expose me.” “How are you addressing the beef at the festival?” “You know all the memes that we’ve been sending back and forth?” “Yeah. Some of them are so ridiculous.” “When I perform the diss, we’re putting all the best memes on the screen behind me,” Rake said, pointing to the Jumbotron that crew members were installing.