Want To Smell Erykah Badu V#####?

This is the closest we’ll get to knowing what Badu really smells like.

In an interview for her cover story in 10 Magazine, Erykah reveals she will be releasing a new incense; 

Not the usual scent of strawberry, melon, or a fresh fragrance, but of her lady parts.

That’s right. The singer has revealed that “Badu’s P—-y” will be her next business venture. If you’re wondering what the scent will smell like, try imagining burnt panties.

“I took lots of pairs of my panties, cut them up into little pieces and burned them,” she explains in her interview. 

This incense, which the 48-year-old calls her “superpower,” will be sold online on her store site, Badu World Market, and will be released to the public on February 20th.

Gwyneth Paltrow is the first to experiment with v##### scented products. The actress released her $75 “This Smells Like My V#####” candle, which surprisingly sold out.

Will y’all be purchasing or are you not here for panty scented incense?