Was Eve Trying To Take The Heat Off Of Dr. Dre?


Eve recently decided to reminisce on her collaborative moments with Dr. Dre. She posted an Instagram post that showed her reflecting on wanting to leave the studio at times because of fatigue, but Dr. Dre told her if she didn’t finish her songs then he wasn’t coming back to the studio.

Eve thanks Dre for pushing her because she says it was because of this that she made some of the best records of her life.

She also credits him as being the greatest and the Godfather of Hip Hop.

Dr. Dre’s incredible music production talent and ability is undeniable, but fans seem to believe Eve was trying to take the heat off of Dre as fans were dragging him to hell and back on social media for beating Michel’le, which was chronicled over the weekend in her biopic ‘Surviving Compton’.

The biopic portrayed Dr. Dre as a serious abusive boyfriend… a true woman beater. E-V-E fans could be wrong, but the timing of her posts seemed like a distraction and some serious damage control.

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