Fabolous Gets Caught Slipping With Infamous Groupie!


(AllHipHop Rumors) I swear this Celina girl is almost worse than Superhead and Kat Stacks man.

Well it appears that Fabolous may have gotten caught up with the infamous groupie/thot, Celina Powell (@XOCelina187). She makes it known that her sole mission in life is to be a low life and to take down rappers.

She’s been linked to Chief Keef, YG, Waka Flocka, O’Shea Jackson Jr., and countless others, and now she’s trying to take down Fab!

She’s a known liar and stunt Queen also, so no one knows what to believe with her.

A video has surfaced with her asking Fab can she suck his d-ck, to which Fab replies by asking her if she’s good at it.

The video and conversation seem a bit choppy, so it could be fake as heck, but you know she’s always looking for a rap victim.

Fab has been said to be a wild one on the low, so either Emily B. and Fab have truly broken up this time, or they at least have some kind of agreement in place because this is just reckless dawg. LOL.

I think they broke up though because they haven’t really been spotted together in two months, and she erased his photos off of her page.

Man out of all the IG thotties out there! I sure hope Fab wasn’t really talking to this girl!


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