Female Fan Has Encounter With Andre 3000

Strippers & Three Stacks!

The guy Andre 3000 is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. Well, a female fan had an encounter with him in a strip club and laid out the whole thing on a message board. Check it out.


So last night me & my b###### went to the strip club last night in St. Louis. Any of y’all familiar with the EXTREME ghetto ratchet ass strip joint called BOTTOMS UP? Well anyways, we ended up getting V.I.P next thing I know , some skinny guy with a orange hat & white Diana Ross looking sunglasses came in. So I’m all in his face thinking DAMN I know this aint who the f### I think it is. Come to find out It was 3 stacks. I BOUT MELTED. I immediately gave him a hug & susprisngly he embraced me back , I was shocked because it happened so unexpectedly.

Anyways we was talking for about 10 minutes , he’s very different indeed , but he such a f###### TURN ONN! Skinny ass, he stay in the club tho! I told him I miss him & I loved him & he was like I MISS YOU & LOVE YOU TOO BOO & we both started laughing! He was real down to earth. I had to soak up as much attention as I could from him because I knew it wasn’t going to be long until them stripper b###### came being thirsty. So after that I told him it was nice meeting him & we gave each other another hug & my face was in his neck so I kissed him, right on his neck, he was smelling so good, he smelt like an ocean breeze or some s###. NO lie , I seriously believe he was under the influence , it seem like he was just in a daze floating , I couldn’t see his eyes because of the dark lenses on his sunglasses. He wasn’t dressed fancy , his hair looked wild & his facial hair. He had this comfortable bummy look going on which fit him because that’s his style.

Next thing I know 3 b###### with big a#### with no clothes on but thongs, not cute at all swarmed him , he got a lap dance by all 3 same damn time. Them hoes was going in , one of them was riding him from the back , ass all on his chest & the other two, one on each side, was shaking they ass in his face. I could tell he was enjoying himself. All that ass on him & in his face. I got mad like he was mines. He was laid back & them thick hoes swallowed him, he looked so small underneath those pigeons!

We also took a picture & also some guy kept taking a picture of him& Andre told him “ay man we can take a picture together , but please don’t take one of me by myself , could you delete those for me? Appreciate it” I wonder why he was so conscious with someone taking a solo picture of him? But didn’t mind taking a picture actually with someone? ANOTHER thing, this guy wears the same outfit a lot I see. He rocks the same fit for weeks.