Flavor Flav's Ex Says Drake Was The Best!

Drake answers what its hittin foe

In a new interview with Kandi, Deelishis says Drizzy Drake crushed her big a$$ and was the best she ever had. Need we be reminded, that’s Flavor Flav’s ex.

Kandi: So what’s the best you ever had?

Deelishis: There’s this guy…this rapper guy..he sings and raps.

Kandi’s Co-Host: He’s a rapper from Toronto

Deelishis: laughs

Kandi: So he’s actually good in bed. (Why is Kandi shocked that Drake is good in bed?)

Deelishis: He’s excellent in bed.

Kandi’s Co-Host: Deelishis, you been on your worst behavior. Deelishis started from the bottom now she here.

She ended with saying Drake can smash pretty much anytime when he wants, because they are still friends.