Forget Fat Joe’s Socks—Air Drake + 2Pac’s $1 Million Ring Were Gifted To Drizzy?

It’s really wild to think that Drake is lowkey Fat Joe’s rich friend.

Hindsight has me believing that when Kanye West made “Real Friends” during the Saint Pablo era, it was likely about Drake—much like it’s giving me the foresight that Drizzy is now Fat Joe’s “Rich Friend.”

A wild take at face value, I know—especially given the fact Joey Crack’s A1-Day-One is DJ Khaled, and he’s also fairly tight with Ye, who was considered to be a billionaire up until last year. But believe it or not, these Stake-branded socks that Drake just gifted Fat Joe have me convinced the 6 God is the real breadwinner of the bunch. Trust me, I know wholesale brand socks embroidered with the phrase “Fat Joe’s Socks” aren’t truly breaking the bank. It’s more so about the manner in which the foot booties were given.

In case you hadn’t already seen it, the reason Drake even sent Fat Joe the socks in the first place is because the Terror Squad veteran essentially called Drizzy out on the lavish gifts he’s received during a recent rant on his live-streaming platform. “Bro they won’t give me a pack of socks,” Fat Joe exclaimed during the live while admitting to his jealousy of the way Drake is showered with gifts.

And honestly, I can’t say I blame Fat Joe, because he claims among the many gifts the Certified Lover Boy rapper has received over the years, the most namely living rent-free in Fat Joe’s head is Air Drake.

Yes, Fat Joe says that Drake was gifted the Boing 762-200ER-turned-luxury-private-aviation-vessel emblazoned with his label’s OVO branding—and if you were wondering, it’s reportedly valued at $185 million.

If that wasn’t a rich flex, 2Pac’s ultra-rare, iced-out one-million-dollar ring was also apparently presented to Drake on a silver platter by an anonymous Cryptocurrency millionaire for free-99.

And although I’m sure the Stake socks were sent in good fun to Fat Joe by Drake, I agree with the idea that the s### was mad disrespectful. I guess it’s kind of like a Catch-22 because the move definitely screams, “If nobody got you, I got you,” which is definitely a rich big homie move. It’s really chess and not checkers with these OVO cats(LOL SMH)!

Check out the clips below. And don’t worry, you’re not a hater, you’re just severely suffering from a case of acute jealousy poisoning courtesy of obscenely rich folks.