From Kanye To Pete To Fred: Is Kim Kardashian Falling In Love Again?

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is falling in love again. And all anyone knows is that she is calling him “Fred” to protect his identity. Read more!

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Does reality TV queen Kim Kardashian have a new boo on her radar? Apparently she does, and all anyone knows is that the dude’s code name is “Fred.”

In a clip from “The Kardashians,” Kim spilled the beans to Scott Disick, her go-to gossip buddy and ex-brother-in-law. Scotty Boy, being the genius he is, came up with the super stealthy code name “Fred.”

Kim’s response? A fit of giggles and a solid thumbs-up that this Fred guy does indeed meet her “standards.” It’s official, folks, Fred’s got the Kardashian seal of approval!

During the episode, Kim was all smiles and blushes, busy on her phone. And who do you think was on the other end of that line? Our man Fred, of course!

It’s like a flashback to season two when she was all heart-eyes over Pete Davidson, the funny guy from SNL she dated for a hot minute.

Since then, Davidson has moved on, leaving the runway wide open for the mysterious Fred to swoop in. But will Fred be ready for the reality TV madness?