Funk master Flex Goes Off! Disses Drake, Power 105.1, Jay Z, Nas and Even Bow Wow

Hilarious Rant!

What happened? Funkmaster Flex is on a rampage. He went off for about 30 min. He went at several other DJs and radio stations. But he didn’t stop there. He dissed Drake “The Canadian” and then kinda took it back. I don’t know. You just gotta hear it for yourself.

3:15 – Drake diss (then says he loves “The Canadian”)
6:20 – Disses Clear Channel and their DJ’s
11:40 – Expresses True Love For Jadakiss And Yonkers
21:00 – Goes At New DJ’s
23:30 – Talks Beef With Jay, Nas, Drake and even…Bow Wow.

What did Bow Wow do?