“Future” Beef Awaits “Panda” In Atlanta

Future’s Crew Is Not Playin’ With Desiigner!

Even though “Panda” is the biggest song…ever…(this year) beef awaits Desiigner. The young rapper, that hails from Brooklyn, sounds a bit like Future, who hails from Atlanta. Ok, a lot like Future. But, that’s old news. However, for Future’s Freebandz crew, it’s fresh off the stove. BEEF STEW!! Lil Donald, one of Future’s minions, has crafted his own little song called “F**k Panda.” Niiiiiiiice! “This n***a is trippin’…he ain’t never been to Atlanta in his life, talking about he got broads in Atlanta,” says Donald. And you know what comes next. Death threats and what not. Basically, Desiigner is going to have a hard time in The A.

Additionally, Doe Boy let it be known that…yeah…emojis with guns and pandas.

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