Future Changes His Last Name To Prove His Worth!


Future brings new meaning to the definition of hustling for your last name. But are we really gonna call him Future Cash?

Some things rappers do these days don’t make sense. What’s the point? Is it to stroke the ego? Or maybe it’s to put money where your name is?

The world may never truly understand why “Last Name” rapper Future legally changed his last name to Cash.

Keep in mind, in the song mentioned above he states, “we ain’t runnin’ from no responsibilities. I take care of families. I’m embarrassed over this mess that I done caused.”

Rightfully so, this name change is almost certain to cause some mess. Especially considering his eight children. With eight different mothers to deal with, it’s safe to say he’ll be hearing from everyone in the coming weeks.

We’ve all gotten comfortable adding the Hendrix moniker to his stage name but his given name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn. He did offer a plain explanation via Instagram. 

“Bag Secured, Da Biggest,” he wrote.

As it stands, all of his kids carry the Wilburn family name. Will their last names change as well? Not to mention, his youngest son’s first name is Kash.

Perhaps the biggest question is what his mama thinks about the sudden change. If you didn’t know Stephanie Jester is Future’s mother. She also serves as the chief operating officer of her son’s Freebandz record label.

Guess it’s time to order reprints of all the company checkbooks.