GOAT Tales: Carmen Bryan Recalls Cheating On Nas With Jay Z


(AllHipHop Rumors) Oh Carmen!

The 90s was certainly rap scandalous! Nas‘ ex and baby mama, Carmen Bryan, will forever be connected to not only Nas, but to Jay Z as well.

Carmen recently sat down with DJ Vlad to discuss the highs and lows of her previous relationship with Nas.

Carmen explained that in her relationship with Nas, she was transitioning and evolving spiritually. Her taste in men was changing, and she was becoming a different person.

The life that her and Nas were living was no longer conducive to her evolution. At one point she says she felt like her and Nas were dragging the relationship mostly for their daughter, Destiny. She says after years of fights, she had to go.

Carmen openly discussed her and Nas cheating on each other. She says she felt empty emotionally in the relationship when Nas became this superstar.

“The problem was who I was cheating with. Now had I been cheating with like some nobody who just wants to play Nitendo all day and smoke cigarettes in front of the TV that may not have been a problem. Okay like Carmen we can get through that; we can get past that. But I was cheating with individuals that were in the same genre of music, the same circles, you know the same company. But I didn’t look at it as if I was doing anything wrong. I felt like this is my circle too. These are my peers too. Like I’m in the box too…….I had a relationship with Jay Z. But the thing about Jay Z and I, we were friends before anything. That was my best friend before we became intimate, before we became lovers to any extent, before anything became physical between us that was my friend,” said Carmen.

Welp, Carmen says she has no regrets. LOL. Apparently she has been working on new music and wants to move past the narrative of being the woman who cheated on Nas with Jay Z.