Groupie Blasts YG For Being A “Fake Gangsta”


(AllHipHop Rumors) Our favorite Instagram groupie Celina is back at it again with the bull!

Remember this is the same unstable girl that said she was pregnant by Fetty Wap and Chief Keef, and the same one who made O’Shea Jackson Jr. take that “L” with that apology video.

Anyway, her latest attempted victim is YG. The girl certainly gets around. Celina claims that YG is a fake gangsta because she was backstage at a show and there was a call that there had been a threat, making YG run for cover.

According to her, YG allegedly hid in the bathroom with his security. To make matters worse, his DJ allegedly played the wrong song, and YG fought him after the show for it and talked crazy ish about the DJ and his other homies.

Celina says she recorded the whole incident and dares YG to try to deny it. She also claims that she had his phone and saw him and G-Eazy talking about doing coke together.

Now these cocaine use claims have certainly been plaguing G-Eazy all year, so ain’t no telling.

Celina is barely credible, but y’all rappers keep letting her backstage and in your bedrooms. She’s giving Kat Stacks a run for her reputation.