Gucci Mane Disses Nas? DA F##?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Just when we were all looking for great things from Gucci, he goes and disses Nas? Nas? Who disses Nas? The last guy that dissed Nas got a taste of that ether! It looks like Gucci Mane doesn’t care about any of that. Now, this is what I consider to be a soft jab, not to be taken too seriously, but Gucci really has issues with Nasir.

On the new song “Change My Phone,” with Lil Uzi, Gucci said, “”Nas say he my enemy, wanna be friends when he bumped in to me, these suckas ain’t what they pretend to be, you don’t want go war with me.” I don’t know though. This seems a bit more aggressive. The only thing is Nas is getting Silicon Valley money and he’s really ain’t on that now. Now, the question is…did he really say “Nas,” because I am not sure. Give it a listen.

Gucci had some words about Nas previously.

Here is the thing…Gucci looks like a completely different person.

The funny thing is, Nas could do “Ether 2” and half of these folks wouldn’t care. Just carry on.

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