Guess What TommyD Confirms Tupac Pioneered In Rap Music?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Whether you agree or not, Tupac’s name often comes up in the greatest of all times rapper conversations.

It seems like we just learned a new fact about the late, great rapper!

Producer TommyD recently sat down with JMix to talk about Tupac’s recording process. Tommy even revealed that sometimes Tupac would just lay down his rap part and tell them to make the music to it later.

If the music came later, he just demanded that the drums be turned up and that his vocals be really loud because people just wanted to hear the beat and hear him rapping.

When the interviewer asked about Tupac being credited with discovering double tracking, TommyD replied saying,

“Yeah I could see that. Double tracking well when the artist does the lead vocal, they’ll just do the lead where they sing the lead part, and then on another track they’ll sing the lead again or rap it along with it. So in the mixing process it gives you something more to work with. But yeah Tupac did do that all the time. If you listen to old east coast rap, you won’t hear that. The original rap is just one take, no add-ons or anything.”

Tommy said a lot of old rap will only have one track no add ons, going straight to the mixing board, to two tracks, with no mixing down because they couldn’t afford to put up the money to do all of the recording process.

When I think about it now, you can definitely hear the layering in Tupac’s music. It really added to his music and made it even better sonically. Who knew Pac was one of the first?