Guess What’s Making Common A Better Rapper?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Alright kids, we think we found something to make you guys better rappers.

According to rapper Common, he became a better rapper after he became a vegetarian.

Common revealed to People that growing up in Chicago caused him to once eat a lot of heavy foods like hamburgers, barbecue, and bacon, until he completely switched it up!

“I heard rappers like KRS-One in ‘My Philosophy,’ say things about not eating meat, which was a real education, especially since it was coming from somebody cool. That stayed with me and made me want to learn more. As soon as I removed meat from my diet, I started to feel a clarity I didn’t have before. It sounds funny, but I feel like I was rapping better,” said Common.

Well Common is currently a pescatarian, so he definitely still enjoys his fish and seafood.

Well, I certainly agree with Common as he believes what you eat affects the way you look and feel.

We can’t blame the man for wanting to live a holistic and healthy life. Now unfortunately this probably won’t help some of you garbage rappers be better rappers, but it will help you live healthier lifestyles!