The Next Big Battle Is Here! Guess Who!

The next big battle is going to be a Hip-Hop bonanza – check out the rumor!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Teddy Riley battle with Babyface was epic! Over a million people tuned in to watch a pair of OGs play some songs, in essence. I could say who won, but  am not so concerned with that. What is cool is that we had an outing to “go to” and “the culture” won once again. But, what next?

I am catching word that The Alchemist and Havoc of Mobb Deep are going to be the next pair to square off. Now, remember..,.these dudes are friends. I am not exactly sure, but I think Hav had some hand in Al getting deep into those beats of his. Either way, this is a great battle, if it turns out to be true. I didn’t think Alchemist was going to be doing any of these because he allegedly turned down a bout with MadLib. 

I will be honest, Havoc is the dude with countless seminal hits. Over the long-range, Al has been the harder worker. Havoc is half of one of the best rap groups ever and is an architect of the New York sound. Alchemist has reach from the West to the East…and is still pumping out heavy today. 

Who do you got?

Hav…if he leads off with “Shook Ones 2,” its gonna be a long night!