Hip-Hip Rumors: Did Somebody Attack Somebody? Lil’ Wayne’s Kid Gets Rumors! MF Doom Pulls A Fake-Me-Out?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE RUMORS   I ain’t even gonna lie. My weekend was very sucky and I didn’t do anything. In case you have been under a very large rock, […]


All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.



I ain’t even gonna lie. My weekend was very sucky and I didn’t

do anything. In case you have been under a very large rock, Bernie Mac and

Isaac Hayes died over the weekend – Saturday and Sunday. Messed up, man. If you

know my history, you know that I’m not the type that deals well with death. So on

that note, my weekend was bad and I didn’t even do a lot by way of rumors. Most

of it was reminiscing on the ones we lost. I hope that people will stop talking

how death travels in 3’s and another well known actor is next. I’d hate to see

that happen so I am not even going to put that sort of energy out there. With

that said, her are some rumors.




I know that’s a serious exaggeration to the Ozone Awards,

especially when the actual awards are tonight. (Shout out to Ozone and Julia – all love) There is a real serious rumor

that DJ Vlad, the popular spin doctor, was attacked by somebody down with Rick

Ross. Now, I am not sure of all the details, but I did hear that there was an “artist

panel” the TJ’s DJ’s Convention, which is a part of the weekend. Rick Ross was

on that panel. Well, Ross departs the panel early. From what I heard, DJ Vlad

bounced to do an interview, which is something that he does on a regular. Vlad

is very deep in the game and gets interviews with a lot of people. Well, I don’t

know exactly what happened, but I heard that there may have been an interview

question that had something to do with something that somebody doesn’t talk

about. Now, that something allegedly resulted in somebody doing something

violent to somebody. I heard there was blood and many, many people as

witnesses. Furthermore, I heard this was on camera and video tape. So, whatever

happened, it sure to be seen again in some capacity. I didn’t see anything

though. I’m blind.





Last night there were so many rumors about Lil’ Wayne’s daughter, I was

totally fearful. The rumor was Lil’ Wayne’s

daughter was killed or tragically hurt in a horrible car accident. I am pleased

to say that – as far as I know – this is completely false. If something did

happen, I would be very surprised. Rumor has it Lil’ Wayne is up for like eight Ozone Awards.

Rumor has it, Wayne

is going to be there, but might want some extreme needs like a private jet just

to show up. I think he should do it regardless since that’s his fan base like a

MF. Time magazine isn’t buying “The Drought.”




Timbaland is about to be upset. I am getting word that Kanye

is going to be all of Jay-Z’s new album, Blueprint 3. WHAT? Timbaland was vying

for it, but it looks like the Chi-town prince is taking that honor. DJ Mick

Boogie seems to know something about this. Rumor has it, the song “Jockin’

Jay-Z” is about to come out and there will be another verse added to it. I hear

there is another song called “Victory” and that song is really ill to. People

are mad, but Jay is so consistent. This year is looking good. I wonder when the

album is coming out?





If you follow these rumors, then you know that I have BEEN

telling the world that MF Doom has used imposters to cover for him. For those

of you that don’t know, MF Doom is a popular underground rapper that fashions himself

after Dr. Doom. Well, Dr. Doom wears a metal mask and so does MF Doom, when he

is on stage. The only thing is, you can’t see a rappers face when they don a

mask. But, Doom has hardcore fans and they are not fools. They know what’s up.

MF Doom was supposed to play the Rock The Bells show in San Bernardino, CA. But what fans feel they

got was a fake! Check the video below and see a dude with a metal mask walk

around the stage trying to act like MF Doom. You would think he would at least

memorize the lyrics. Fans booed dude, cussed him out and threw stuff on stage.




Here is more of the angry crowd booing and throwing things

at the stage.





Spelone hit me up and told me that the highlight of the

night was when Fat Lip from the Pharcyde stopped the show and said that that

there were a lot of rumors about him being responsible for breaking up the

Pharcyde and for smoking crack. Well, Fat Lip had something for that. I heard he

said, “I got one thing to say to that” and the instrumental for Bobby

Brown’s “My Prerogative” started. He sang The whole song and danced to. Classic.

See it below.



Rumor has it, Africa Bambaataa was dope, but had some

complaints that he wasn’t on the main stage. Since he is one of the pioneers of

Hip-Hop, he said he should be on the big stage.




Peedi Crakk had a performance somewhere in America and

killed it. But, I heard that it didn’t go well all the time. I heard that liquor

got into some of the fans systems and people started fighting towards the end.  Then, right at the end of the show, some

chicks got it in and started scrapping. Why?  Apparently Peedi was feelin one girl over

another one. Why can’t the ugly girl just take the L? Anyway, the cops came and

they blocked Peedi was locked in the club to avoid any problems. While he was

blocked in, he recorded this message:



I can’t wait to see what he’s got for Jay-Z.




Depending how I feel, I might have some new rumors for you.

I don’t know. I will say that, while we lost Bernie Mac, we have a pair of

movies coming up. One is called Soul Men with Bernie Mac and Samuel

L. Jackson. There is also another movie called Old Dogs with John

Travolta and Robin Williams. (Click here for my dedication to Bernie Mac.)


As for Isaac Hayes, he has so much music that you can go for

years and enjoy his music. Stay tuned.


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