Hip-Hip Rumors: Eminem and Asher? More on Jay/Beanie “Beef,” Amy’s New “Friend”

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE DAILY TWO SENSE!   I have nothing much to say today. I guess I need some excitement in my life and sadly, that is determined by this […]



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE DAILY TWO SENSE!


I have nothing much to say today. I guess I need some excitement in my life and sadly, that is determined by this rap game. Pathetic, I know. So, I am getting some readers hitting me up about the Beanie/Jay-Z stuff and I guess I will share that with you. Here is another one.


I was at the Powerhouse concert as well on 10/23/09 in Philly. I will say without a doubt that Beanie Siegal definitely came at Jay’s neck while performing a set with Jadakiss. The first time he spoke on Jay was when he was yelling ” I love you Philly. I love You! This my mutherf#@&ing city! Im gone run this town tonight! ” He repeated that several times.Of course everybody went crazy because he was talking about Jay. Then after Jada and the Lox performed, Beans started spitting the freestyle from the intro to Bliueprint 3. He specifically referred to the part when Jay said, “N##### want me to sit them on my lap, but I aint got a beard and Santa Clause aint black.” Beans said something to the tune of ” Nobody needs Santa Clause, F### that n####. Tell Santa Clause to get off my sack!” He repeated this several times and they eventually cut his mic off. At this point people started booing Beans and yelling get off the stage! Then everybody started yelling “Hova, Hova” People were not happy about him dissing Hov. Plus when Jay came out at the end, he was like “Ya’ll still love me Philly? Ya’ll not mad right?” Everybody went crazy of course. This is not an eyewitness from the nosebleed section. I was front and center for the action. So whoever says it wasnt directly aimed at Jay must not have been in the building! Sidenote- Beanie Siegal did seem to be a little intoxicated.


Philly people siding with Jay-Z instead of Beans…IN PHILLY? Scary!!




Certainly, Eminem wants the younger generation to love him like us 90’s people. So, there is more and more evidence that Eminem is doing so by making strategic collaborations with new dudes. It started seemingly with this Drake stuff. But now, it appears to be taking an odd twist in the form of a rumored Asher Roth collaboration. Asher is doing some talking, but not specifically saying Eminem’s name. That makes me wonder. Who knows! I think it is a great thing and I don’t thing Jay-Z got enough credit for working with younger artists like Drake and J-Cole in a way that doesn’t compromise what he does.




My homey Jazzy F. Baby hit me up and told me that he heard Lloyd may be going to Young Money. Maybe they should have just kept Omarion.


Obama’s not having his kids vaccinated for H1N1. Wonder why?


Bobby Brown is charging that Whitney Houston only got married to stop the rampant rumors that she was bi-sexual.


Melyssa Ford is reportedly working on a American’s Next Top Model Reality show. I pray it has nothing to do with video vixens.




There is so much wrong with this video, I don’t know where to start. Lookie here. You cannot just talk to people any old way these days. A mom and her sons continually berate a tranny, who was defending a gay dude. Well the tranny kept warning them and they all kept on joking. It was the tranny’s birthday tomorrow and they wouldn’t stop with the jokes so the tranny did what he had to do. See the fail.







K-Ci of Jodeci is really looking to be on that ish! Look at these video clips! Dude looks like a Chapelle skit, but it’s the real thing!





My homey Sac Tha King is ne crazy dude! But I have to give him props. Apparently, somewhere in “South Central” (Cali), there is a person that still lives in the old South. The person has a Confederate Flag up like he’s about to fight the Civil War. Anyway, Sac wasn’t having it and did something. This is a three video series, but they aren’t long.


The Preamble – Sac Tha King shows the news reports and explains his actions.




Part 1- On his way to do the deed.



Part 2 – Taking down the “rebel” flags.



The man that has the flags up is so old, he looks like he died during the Civil War. Good gracias…you know he owned a couple slaves. They probably revolted on his a$$ and he’s still mad or something!






Amy Winhouse is getting ready for a comeback and what better way than a fresh set of breast to get people’s attention.



Here she is before the job was done.





Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian are not playing! They got their initials tatted on each other!





Diamond and Princess of Crime Mob fame hve been beefing for years. Now they bring it over to Twitter…if you can make heads or tails of it…here!


# @DiamondAtl I just wanted to b da kat dat caught yo tongue, U always c me! 3d! See ya when I see ya! Keep talkin on ya lil pageabout 4 hours ago from UberTwitter in reply to DiamondAtl


@PRINCESSDIGITAL 2b quite honest Ibeen quiet abut a lot of ya lil tempertantrums. But jus had2letcha knw! People iswatchin. Dn’t getexposed


@PRINCESSDIGITAL same hea honey! Funny thngis I wus jus wea u wus 3wk ago, an udidn’t saynun at visitation, NOW UALL hard on twit. talk ish.


Fellaz I know sumone that can suck u OFF real quick! Let me knw if u NEED SUM ASSISTANTS, ill direct u to HER! Lol


@princessdigital WAKE UPPP!!! SLEEPIN IS 44444 DREAMERZ!! Lol!!


@THEGANGSTABOO imma do it on twitter, youtube, in front her, beside her! All dat ish!! I’m tyed of that MUT BARKIN!!


@princess digital!! AND QUIT TEXTIN MY PHONE BEGGIN 4 ME TO RAP BACK WIT U!! if u need a personal stylist hire one! 5star b####! Believe it!


@Princessdigital now now!! U betta simmer dwn little1 b4 u gt 2EXPOSED. B####! U need 2 b tryin to record a sng, so yo bills can GET payed!



They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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