Hip-Hip Rumors: Is Maia Campbell Back On Drugs & Jail?



This girl is a freaking MESS. She is not going to get better, I guess and it would seem like she is about to do some serious time in the BING. LL Cool J, come save your former co-star!!!! There is a special place in hell for whoever messed this child up. Peep this from the Santa Monica Daily Press

Santa Monica officers were at the corner of Ocean and Bicknell avenues talking to a resident when they heard a vehicle coming toward them at a high rate of speed. As officers flagged down the vehicle it screeched to a stop past the limit line of a nearby stop sign. Officers approached the driver and asked to see her driver’s license at which time she said she did not have one. Officers noted that the driver appeared to be agitated and unable to follow instructions. Due to her symptoms, officers believed she was under the influence of a controlled substance. The driver was arrested and during a subsequent search officers located a glass cylinder that contained a white substance which tested positive for cocaine. The driver was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, driving under the influence, driving without a license, a probation violation and a warrant. She was identified as Maia Campbell, 33, of Los Angeles. Her bail was set as $36,000.

Hopefully, she gets back on track. She was clean for a while.


When she was clean in 2010.

When she was a sexy goddess!

I won’t even post the pics of her at her worst. 🙁