Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Disses Jay! Royce Disses Budden! Funk Flex Disses R. Kelly! Illseed Disses Illseed!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! SWAGGER LIKE US: THEORIES So “Swagger Like Us” has been officially removed from T.I.’s Paper Trail album. Why? Nobody knows, but we all know that song […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



So “Swagger Like Us” has been officially removed from T.I.’s Paper Trail album. Why? Nobody knows, but we all know that song was one of the big buzz joints. There are some theories.

1) Jay, Kanye and Lil Wayne protested that T.I. secretly bodied them on the song like LL did Canibus on that song.

2) M.I.A. has come out of retirement, I hear. I think she wants her Swagger back…

3) R.Kelly, who appears on the album, protested Jay-Z and got it taken off.

4) Lyrically, that song just wasn’t it, with the exception of T.I.

WHY do you think it was removed from the album?


I don’t know about you, but I anxiously await Busta Rhymes next album and guess what…its coming. Dude had two bangers and then, for some reason, Interscope dropped him. Actually, we heard that’s because he and Jimmy Iovine had a major fight. Well, Interscope’s loss is Motown’s gain. I am about 99.999999999% sure that Busta is now at the house Berry Gordy built. Motown! Anyway, I believe that Busta is slated to come out in December, a few weeks before Kanye West. Congrats, Bussa Bus!


From what I heard, this is actual and factual. People that listened to Hot 97 FM in New York Last night between 9:30 pm & 10:00 pm, got an earful. Funkmaster Flex spazzed out on R.Kelly and smashed on him for his interview that was aired on BET. I heard he blasted the host Toure, Jive Records and even BET for even airing that interview. Somebody sent me this quote, where Flex reportedly said. “Jive, whoever is in charge over there better get this guy in control. Let this had been one of their daughters and the outcome would have been different.” I heard Flex chided Kellz saying, “Homey you’re pushing 50 – stop it!” Flex then went on to say that any guy that is ” R’s ” age in the Tri~ State that is seeing an 18 or 19 year old is a LOWLIFE!!!! (Illseed note: I agree unless you are Hugh Hef..lol!)


Everybody knows by now, AHH hosted a battle with Joe Budden and Royce…only thing is Budden’s brother got shot up that night. Well, maybe its time for us to host a new battle, because Royce has licked off a new shot.

What’s beef? I’ll play it one way, violate it Sunday get annihilated Monday

you n***as is actors, what is you recording?

I’ll leave you bleeding lying on the cutting room floor then,

listen to Joe Budden say, ‘I fell the f*** off,’

but he never fell on, i’ll just gonna ignore him,

make a n#### extra famous after I warned him,

don’t jump, you gay as, Greg Louganis, into that water,

you dont want it, you can either have a nice afternoon,

or you can have your family do the mournin’”

Thanks, Real Talk NYC.


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Here is the latest…we are hearing Death is going back on the auction block. The new owners, put down about $2 million down to secure the $24 million dollar purchase of Death Row Records, but there was a snag. The hedge-fund that was supposed to pay fofr the rest of the purchase pulled out of the deal. Now, guess why? They reneged, because the economy is in the toilet! Damn, this administration is messing up so bad, everybody is affected! Anyway, TheDirty.com reports that the trusties of the estate have already blown $5 million thus far to keep that deal in place. We’ll see who has the bread to cop. Dre? Dre!? Get your masters please!


I don’t know WHAT is going on, but I thought I would show you a letter regarding the movie that features Samuel L. Jackson. Check it out below and see that these people STILL live next to each other in real life!

in real life the cop got fired by lapd, but still lives next to those people. they have mutual restraining orders & he is appealing his termination & has recently filed civil suit against the neighbors for ‘slander’. so the hostility is active. the community should be supported for standing up to a rogue cop.

& the lapd must account for the ‘personality disorders’ of their officers. had this family not stood up to his police-sanctioned abuse, he would still be on the force doing his dirt with whoever still there he was doing dirt with. the family says had they lived in lapd jurisdiction rather than lasd jurisdiction, they would be in serious danger.

we will be joining the true life community at the heart of the movie in a demonstration of support for their situation, and also to demand overview of lapd hiring practices, training & mental/social wellness guarantees. our program is an all-elected, all-civilian police control board.


LOL…this is pretty funny. Look all the way till the end… SMH.


Did you hear that Sarah Palin’s website got hacked into? Rumor has it, it was a set up gig so that all her incriminating emails could be erased. SMH.

Click here to peep the group Kanye West is rumored to be working with on “Jesus Walks Part II.” Rhymefest can’t see these guys – not lyrics, not dancing…nothing! Click here!

This is messed up. Some outlets are reporting that LL Cool J’s collection for Sears is on sale for like 40% off. Off to Sears I go to get jiggy!

Jay-Z has joined forces with Norwegian production duo Stargate to create a new label called StarRoc. Thanks to Sumit at The Hip Hop Chronicle.

As for the cure for AIDS, I wanna give a shout-out to the dude that passed that info to me. Holla Thorian! Check him out HERE!

Did you click that link? That could be called “Jesus Moonwalks.”

Ciara might not wanna sue Vibe. They are threatening to release the untouched pics of CiCi to prove she was actually naked for a recent photoshoot. I think they need to release every single picture so we can see what’s up!

Hey, I listened to Willie The Kid’s album…AND ITS HOT! Click here to listen to album snippets. I gotta stop being so jaded!Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa wants to make her book into a movie. Eh…and wants Megan Good to play her. Does Bria Miles have the best booty on earth or is that thang too much? Click here to respond! RANDOM QUOTES

50 Cent goes in on Jay-Z:

“I’m the largest Hip-Hop touring artist. Em is the biggest rap artist on the planet and I’m the largest touring artist. Jay-Z doesn’t have a lot of records that have really big international followings. For him to get out there and be the headliner, it was just good positioning on his team’s part. “


Damaged and Plastic?

Donnie Klang told the folks over at the Round Table that he’s had a handful of Aubrey O’Day (one of the blondes from Danity Kane) and the tata’s are fake. This is quite a statement considering she claims no plastic surgery. He also said her Mom’s girls are even faker. Ha haaaaaa at the echelon of fakeness and the interviewer suggesting that saline could be genetic.

Liquor Lab Wars…

Some guy who is President of some liquor manufacturer said the Dr. Dre is vodka-jacking because they already make the sparkling variety. Check what he has to say:

“I am very complimented that Dr. Dre has recognized how innovative and special our sparkling vodka is and is trying to copy it. My concern is that it isn’t produced by our patented method and may well turn out to be a very poor imitation … I hope that consumers will not be swayed by the celebrity endorsement of a copycat product by Dr. Dre. There are a lot of mixed messages going on, Dre’s unreleased album is even called Detox to ad a bitterly ironic twist.”

I’m sure this dude doesn’t really think Dre is in the liquor lab formulating the brand. It’s being reported that this guy’s company has a patent on the manufacturing process, not the liquor itself. Sounds like we have some vodka beef a brewing.

Spectacular and His Jimmy Hat.

Considering the whole naked Ciara thing, I guess it took us a while to get around to telling yall that one of those lil boys from Pretty Ricky is all butt booty naked in Vibe too. Yup lil ladies, Mr. Spectacular is just wearing a well placed hat and a smile.

[ILLSEED NOTE: Shelz attempted to put some scantily clad men on AHH and I had to block her. I just couldn’t. Sorry ladies!]



I thought of a new section for the rumors to keep you laughing and happy amid all the madness (economy, Palin, hurricanes, and hammer attacks) and “signs the world is coming to an end.” I will have an “Epic Fail of The Day.” LOL. I’m not quote sure where this is headed, but I think it will be great! This s**t is funny!


I implore you to pick a site, any site and register to vote!

LADY DRAMA – SEE HER IN THE FLESH…LMAO….IN NEWARK…Jamie Foxx Caught Clubbing it Up… But not the way you think 😉 According to my sources Jamie Foxx did it big in Vegas last weekend with blondes! He got a lap dance from “Dancing With the Stars” celeb Stacy Keibler who was bent over him and had his hands all over her body! If that wasn’t enough for him the next day he was spotted poolside with his eyes on actress Ashley Scott who he got no burn from resulting him to hit up Lavo nightclub again where he was spotted with another unknown blonde! I’m all about supporting the rainbow coalition when it comes to getting your swerve on but… damn not one piece of chocolate Jamie what’s up with that? Obama Gets Hollywood… But in a Good Way! Barack Obama partied it up with Hollywood’s A-List celebs as they raised money for his campaign! Yahoo News say the fundraiser raised 9 Million dollars! Read below: Barack Obama partied with Hollywood celebrities Tuesday night and with the help of Oscar-winning singer and actress Barbra Streisand raised an eye-popping $9 million for his presidential campaign and the Democratic Party.Obama spent more than an hour before dinner getting his picture taken with guests. He said later that people had encouraged him to be tougher and had questioned why he was so calm in a close race against Republican John McCain. Ain’t no stopping us now… Unless ya’ll don’t get ya’ll as* out and vote! Make sure you register asap if you haven’t done so already! Snaps for the Kids…. The Carters Step Out     Jay Z and Beyonce hit up the New Yorkers for Children Gala last night. They compliment each other well in these photos! LMAO at Jay for wearing sunglasses all through a formal event! If he was going for the ‘stick out like a sore thumb’ look then he nailed it! If not then he looked like a ________ (you fill it in since I can’t say what I really want to say) Vibe Clears up the Ciara Drama like Pro Activ….. Vibe editor Danyel Smith has released a statement answering the rumors of Ciara suing the magazine over the naked photo’s she took for the current issue of Vibe. Peep below: ‘It’s just dramatic. I’m actually really sad. Almost any photo you see on the cover of Vibe or any magazine is airbrushed [to some degree]. What I was thinking of doing, actually, was releasing the unretouched photos [on Vibe’s] website, so people can see what the hullabaloo is all about.”  “I have so much respect for Ciara and Ciara was so happy when she pitched the idea to us, and the photos are actually striking and beautiful.” According to some good sources of mine within Ciara’s camp the singer will not be suing the magazine! My bet is they wanted to stir up some controversy to go along with the photos because just putting them on a newsstand wasn’t enough! Sounds like a plan stan 😉 Lady Drama’s Food For Thought: Is it me or has Ciara lost her touch… Oh wait she never really had it to begin with! But she sure can dance! I’m going to AHH’s Social Lounge tonight… how bout you?  and on that note I’m out! Love me or Leave me alone… But if you can’t say something nice about anybody then come sit by me 😉  


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