Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent To Leave Aftermath? Real Trey Songz Facts! Budden Talks Tahiry!

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE DAILY TWO SENSE   Greetings, mortals. Although I penned a story that said “F**k  John Mayer, Hood Pass Revoked,” I can’t say I hate the guy. […]



All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Greetings, mortals. Although I penned a story that said “F**k  John Mayer, Hood Pass Revoked,” I can’t say I hate the guy. I can’t say for certain that he’s a racist. FANS of his are saying these things, because they are the ones that are hurt and disappointed. I’m not hurt or disappointed. I really don’t care much. I wrote it, because it seems like people are shocked. How many times has this happened? KKKramer anybody? This is a small-time thing in the grand scheme  of things. Just keep it moving. If John doesn’t mean it, he’ll give me money to make it right. LOL.


For what its worth, Russell Simmons said, “Anyway trust me john mayer is a good guy who didn’t want hurt black peoples feelings .. He’s hard on his ex girls tho.”


Good people do stupid things too. Here is ol’ Mayer Boy saying sorry at a concert.





Well, seriously…who didn’t see this rumor coming. There are very STRONG rumors that 50 Cent is seriously about to leave the whole Shady/Aftermath camp now. Dre’s working with Ashanti, re-signs The Game. There’s just a lot going on right now. The rumor is simple. 50 will leave. I previously told you that 50 Cent is likely to be looking for a different situation in the land of independence, but there is no formal word on that! This is about to get real interesting real soon.




Ok, so I have sources everywhere and the source that hit me with this one is rock solid. So, solid I believe about every word said by this person. Here is what he told illseed!


1) Delante and team made sure Trey’s last album was recorded under budget and turned out be classic even when the label execs except for a few didn’t think it will blow (recorded at D2music studios)


2) Delante and his team did most of the album with no outside help.


3) The Jay-Z tour was in works before Kevin Liles stepped in.


4) Trey and Delante had the same accounts which therefore he circumvented and had no problems with Trey doing the BET tour, if they did they should have alerted both of them.


5) Bobby Fisher planned the marketing and strategy plans for this album and mixtape promotions from the start of Trey’s career.


6) Delante and his team advised Trey to continue friendship and business relationship with Drake because D2musicmgmt believe Drake was a star and great friend from day one even though Trey didn’t want two songs from Drake on his album.




I had to give a separate entry on this one. Apparently, Trey’s got a mystery chick named Bebe. So, basically we can dispel a lot of rumors right here. But, apparently, this Bebe babe has been known to “circulate” in the music industry and cause a special sort of calamity that only women can do. I heard this person – who I have never heard about before – has been doing things since Nappy Roots. From what I was told, you could ask Jeezy, Cam’ron and the whole Grand Huste about this person. AND THAT IS THAT!




So, here is Joe’s response to Tahiry’s wife beater allegations:


“She was wilin.  I’m big on body language.  You know, when you’re with somebody for so long.  You know them.  So I came home and she was wilin’ and she drinks every night.  She needs an AA meeting probably.  She was drunk, she was wilin, big argument, then I found out she was cheating when she went to sleep.


    It led to where the evidence was laying next her on the bed clear as day…She didn’t wanna come clean.  She was going and then said something so outrageous to me.  She said ‘Tell me what you know’ and she got her f###### face mushed all the way to the other side of the room.”


You may already know this, but I don’t listen to Joe Budden a LOT so I am a bit ignorant. The die-hard fans hit me up and told me that Tahiry’s “wife beater’ comment was related to something Joey said on a song called “Downfall.”


so the girl I wanna marry was afraid to come and tell me

so I went away on tour

and you went on one of your own

while you was on the horn all day with old boy

did you ever think about what it would do to your home

what’s his name, where’s he live

what is it he offers? whats he got to give?

and I love you so much that when I caught onto your fibs

I hit you like a man, you(?) on your ribs

I was heated but had to be strong enough to remove the infidelity

and see whats underneath it

come to find out you felt lied to and cheated

mistreated and kept it a big secret




R.I.P. to Alexander McQueen, a famous fashion designer who committed suicide. I didn’t know him until today, but a lot of people are in shock.


You probably saw Kanye punching Jay Leno. If you didn’t know by now, that’s a parody.


Lil Wayne has reportedly shot over 10 music videos to prepare for his 8-12 month bid. Even jail can’t make Wayne take a break.


Lil Wayne is still No. 1, even though Rebirth’s sales were lackluster.


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are considering adoption instead of having their own kids. No fair! Nick’s 29…give him a baby!


Evander Holyfield’s wife has told police that the ex-champ punched her in the face. She’s got a restraining order on him.


Sinbad was forced to sell his house due to his financial woes. Keep ya head up, brother!


Rumor has it, Eric B is being sued by Rock Star Energy Drink for his Rap Star Energy Drink.


Text Yele to 501 501 $5 will go 2 Yele Haiti Earthquake Relief fund! Keep it going for Haiti!


Whoa…whoa…whoa…! What in the HELL! A girl decides she is about to get beat down.. So the teenager takes her butt over to three security guards for some form of protection. The girl that she was avoiding decides to go all out and beats her up anyway, right there in front of security. The guards do absolutely nothing. This happened in a Metro tunnel January 28th in Seattle. WHAT? Eventually, four people were charged and arrested in this attack, including two men. The security guards were not. Anyway, all the parties like the Metro and the security company said they are going to review this. But, they said that their guards are unarmed and not allowed to break up fights. So…what’s their purpose



Here is the video and here is the full story if you want it.

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LOL! This was soooooo funny! Two dudes get into a fender bender on the highway…and a fight  broke out. But the fight is what was the fail.




You know AllHipHop will be in the place to be! Here is the information!


On Thursday, February 18th at New York’s Club Imerial, real Hip Hop aligns, as Raekwon, Method Man and Ghostface host the signing celebration of Hip Hop legends Capone and Noreaga’s signing to Ice H20 Records.


Shade 45’s Angela Yee and Power 105’s DJ Envy will also be on deck to help celebrate the birthday of Ice H20 CEO Kay Woods


Special Invited Guests Include: Styles P, Jadakiss, Beanie Segal, Freeway, Red Cafe, Ice T and CoCo and Many More


Club Imperial – 17 West 19th Street, NY NY


Here are the flyers!





Lady Gaga is taking things to the next level right now! She performed at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York.






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