Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent’s New Lady? Rihanna’s Real New Man? More Beef!

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. ANOTHER SIDE TO THE RICK ROSS / FLOYD MAYWEATHER BEEF So, there are a number of sides to any situation and then there is the truth. The […]




content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


So, there are a number of sides to any situation and then there is the truth. The truth is unknown in what happened out there in Vegas with Rick Ross and Floyd Mayweather. But there is another side. Another person that was there told me that there almost was a melee that broke out. They also told me that Ross and his crew didn’t back down from Floyd and his people at all. Actually, they told me that Gunplay was wilding all in Floyd’s face like he was about to spazz. I’m not taking sides here, but Floyd’s hands are legally considered weapons…and I will leave it at that. Anyway, at the end of the day, I heard it was Diddy that brokered peace and talked everybody down. I guess Ross and co eventually left. Cooler heads prevailed!


Way back in the day…like the early 90’s there was the first and only Celebrity Boxing in Hip-Hop. I can’t remember it all, but I definitely remember a few of the bouts. I remember Freddie Foxxx was knocking out cats left and right. But the primary bout was Melle Mel vs Willie Dee of the Geto Boys. Now, Will has always maintained his hand skills were on point and Mel is “Muscle Simmons.” Anyway, when the dust cleared, Mel got KO’d by Willie Dee. But there is a rumor that I just got about this one. I’ve been informed that it may be possible that Willie either (accidentally) elbowed or headbutted Mel and THEN punched him for the KO. Not really sure if this is true. The widely accepted law is that Willie knocked him out though. You could NEVER get a rapper to box these days…unless its somebody like Coolio.


One of my respected readers took a comment the wrong when I said “Lil Boog” was a “poor dude.” Allow me to explain. First of all, you know he has been arrested for assaulting his child’s mother. But I was merely saying, dude is pathetic at this point. The music game eats people up and spits them out as if they were objects. Boog and the others are just in such a bad way in life, because nobody cares about them anymore. Anyway, I don’t feel sorry for him. He’s reportedly facing felony charges for beating his girl for some extended period…in front of the kids. If he was still in the group and successful, he’d probably be productive or something. Who knows.


Beef just follows celebrities and Beyonce is in it again. B reportedly got a a check for $2 million for a 1-hour show to perform for Muammar Gaddafi’s 33-year-old son, Moutassim. Beyonce reportedly did the show on New Year’s eve in St. Barts at Nikki Beach. Now, there were a lot of people there like Jay-Z, Usher, among others. There are rumors that she shouldn’t have done this because of Gaddafi’s purported abuse to women, namely his wife. Also, there is the Libya / America thing. I don’t know, but…uhm…this is deeper than I care to be right now.

Here is the video:


Rihanna is “still” carrying on with Justin Timberlake, according to the dailystar.co.uk. “She’s getting close to Justin again and it’s getting hot,” said a source. Justin and Jessica Biel are officially over and seems like he’s “back” with RiRi. The weird thing is, there are the rumors that she’s cavorting with that baseball dude. Sources are saying that Justin is avoiding the limelight, but they are secretly getting together. Another source said: “Rihanna called a friend and said she had a sexy little secret to share. She started laughing and said: ‘Don’t trip, but I have hooked up with Justin’. She said it was really good, hot and wild and that they have some of the best make-out sessions she’s ever experienced. She’s only out for the physical with him. And it looks like she got it.” This all sounds a bit silly to me. Nevertheless, RiRi is working on an autobiography she plans to sell this year. LOL.


Rumor has it, 50 Cent wants to sign Jamelia to G-Unit Records so she can be the first lady of G-Unit. For those that don’t know, she is a British singer who’s had loads of hits everywhere else…but America. This isn’t strange and not unlike what Cash Money is doing with Jay Sean. Anyway, I know 50 had that song “London Girl” so maybe this is a good indication?


Sorry about this…Rihanna has sold over one million WORLDWIDE, but has yet to sell that domestically! Sorry!

Rumor has it Tyra Banks’s show was actually cancelled! You know she announced her leaving the game on top…but…hmmmm…..

Pepa from Salt-N-Pepa hasn’t had sex in four years. Wouldn’t that make her a born-again virgin?

According to producer Zaytoven, Gucci Mane is in jail and writing a lot of raps in an apparent effort to be more lyrical. I’m not into Gucci, but if I was, I’d want him to stay doing what got him this far.


These rumors are not EASY. Even though some of you think it is just a bunch of chickenhead talk, its not. And, to further push it along in the world of rumors and even gossip, I have some friends that I want you to meet and they are going to help me help you. They are below and so are their rumors.


DJ Lazy K has a new mixtape coming out for all the Max b fans to keep everyone in the loop.

Lil birdies say Bang Em Smurf has inked an official label deal with IMG Universal for

his label an himself Feed Da Wolves . Exclusive Footage coming soon on Street Treats HD

Looks like Cam’ron has a new mixtape coming out very soon with Don Cannon.

Rumors persist that Black Rob is out of jail and has a buch of new music on the way. He’s on Twitter at @therealblackrob.

Remember Lumindee? Don’t sleep. Ol’ girl is truly big overseas and not in the way artists “talk” about. Lumi’s cousins have a new group called the Piff Unit.

There are some rappers in the Bronx that are really p##### at Flo Ridah. They are saying he’s taking their songs and putting his Southern twist on it.

From ya boy Mikey T the Movie star! 80% of what I say is true if not

98% holla at ya boy!


What’s Good guys I’m back like a broad street crack addict and I def left something. The Rumors!

Word on the twitter streets is Lil Cease is in talks for a VH1 show called hard body. He was also seen tweeting Foxy Brown. I assume he wants to do a collabo. Also I hear Foxy Brown is still working on her reality show as well hence the silence. You know she low in Brooklyn somewhere. Also remember that Foxy Brown sex tape? I guess its true what they say about the Brown Fox. She keeps a bunch of goons on standby.

My dude NORE has been talking about The War Report 2. He was also seen tweeting “where is Havoc from Mobb Deep. He must need a dope beat.

Day 26 can say they are still together minus the cornball Q but they def can’t possibly be putting another album out. Willie is dropping a solo mix tape called Sex Tape. I just wanna know when since 1 member from a still together group drops mix tapes. Sounds like he is gearing up for a solo career and if u ask me he doesn’t have a chance @ being successful.

Ciara is back in the studio plotting a mean comeback. I hope so cuz her being Kim Kardashian BFF was not rocking.

Kelly Rowland is also in the studio I’m hearing. I heard Beyonce and Kelly really are not speaking. I remember a video where Kelly was with my girl Brandy and the paparazzi didn’t even know who she was. SMH

Speaking of singing in the background. I heard Latoya Luckett is getting dropped from Capitol Records. Kandi Burress is about 2 blow so I guess who needs Latoya and her poor album sales. Shout out to Capitol for going after that The Real Housewives of Atlanta money Lol!

On that note I’m gone. Deuces! scream @ ya boy Jazzy on twitter. www.twitter.com/itsJazzyFBaby


Miss Mouth caused a firestorm last year with everybody, but we have talked and ironed out some things. The rumor section is coming on strong in a major way!

– illseed

Ya Girl Is Back!!!!! 

Did anybody else feel a little

uneasy watching Monique drill Rev Run & his wife about their sexual

relationship? I know that they are promoting their new book but I felt

weird taking sex tips from a man of the cloth!!!!!!!! 

Who’s “smash game” is so

lame that the pastor has to tell them how to “get it in.”  

I would just RETIRE at that pointJ  


Illseed knows that I am a reality

show junkie.  

My new favorite show is this season

of the Bad Girls Club. I had no clue that the groupie chick Natalie

was an old smashee of Chris Brown. How in the hell was he dating beautiful

ass Rihanna and jeopardizes that for this broad. Her jaw looks like

Jay Leno’s.  

I guess some dudes will just smash

anything. Looks at Mary’s husband Kendu. He is married to the Queen

of Hip-Hop Soul and he is still banging misc. chicks. But my girl MJ

don’t play, so blacked him in his sh*t. 

Like a true Sista!!! 

And speaking of true sistas, wtf

is up with Kenya? First she let Natalie punch her in her face, now she

let Kate’s racist ass call black people sweaty? Why were the white

people more upset than she was? Kenya is embarrassing to watch, I mean




His show has just become a circus,

which I love.  

I mean who was in charge of casting?

These women have secrets and are habitual liars. He needs to replace

all of their a####.  

But Ray be killing me, because

he doesn’t know what the hell he wants. The only chick that was ever

down for him 100 % on the show was Chardonnay.  

And let’s just all stop overlooking

that he didn’t choose her because she isn’t the “exotic type”

ya dig!  


My girl Tay Tay got her own show…

It looks pretty interesting which is good because Monica’s is boring

me half to damn death. 

I understand that Monica wants

to be loyal to her fan base but she refuses to listen to reason. That

track Jazzy Pha made for her was hot. Missy’s was only lukewarm.  

Jazzy’s track had Gucci on it,

and he is the industry’s newest “go to guy.” Maybe it was too

obvious because when folks want a record to flame. They call Gucci.

Would you have ever predicted it?


But Anyways! 

I love Fantasia’s voice. So as

long as she is singing, I will be watching.  


If Yall thought that those chicks

from “The A” were off glass, well those prim and proper white chicks

from Orange County are giving them a run for their money.  

I hate the way the men treat Vickie.

And it’s only because she is independent and makes her own money.

Tamara, Gretchen and them can learn lots from her, like how to grow

a brain and stop letting their men control them. 

I love this show. And speaking

of the Atlanta cast, I heard that Drucilla (she will always be Drucilla

to me) was joining the show to replace Kim & Ne Ne. 

Although Kandi is my favorite there

is no show without Kim or Ne Ne…and Bravo knows that. 


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