Hip-Hop Rumors: 50’s Arm Ain’t Broke! Royce & Fab End Beef! Kim Kardashian Gets Nude!

Yesterday’s rumors: Hip-Hop Rumors: Cam’ron Found! Jim Jones wilds out! K-Ci Gets Boo’d! Jay-Z Vs Dutch Rapper? College is so GANGSTER! FIRST THINGS FIRST! AllHipHop.com interviewed the legenary, infamous Frank Lucas (click here to read it!)…wow! Frank went all the way in on this one! You just have to read it. He talks about Jay-Z […]

Yesterday’s rumors: Hip-Hop Rumors: Cam’ron Found! Jim Jones wilds out! K-Ci Gets Boo’d! Jay-Z Vs Dutch Rapper? College is so GANGSTER!


AllHipHop.com interviewed the legenary, infamous Frank Lucas (click here to read it!)…wow! Frank went all the way in on this one! You just have to read it.

He talks about Jay-Z and that “Frank Lucas is cool, but I’m not tryna snitch.”

Frank Lucas: Mr. Jay-Z, tell him to please watch his mouth.

Frank Lucas: I’m very remorseful. Sorry I did what I did. I did it. Wouldn’t do it again if it was laying out on the table for me.

Frank Lucas: When you are six years old and you see something like a Ku Klux Klan knock your cousin’s teeth out with handle of a shotgun and turn around and put it in his mouth and pull the trigger…

Frank Lucas: Nicky is lying. He’s making it up. He’s lying. I’m telling you, if I said there wasn’t going to be no Council, there wasn’t gonna be none. And I said there wasn’t no Council and there wasn’t no Council.


I read it three times!


The 93-year-old widow of Bumpy Johnson has spoken out against the depiction of her late husband and his relationship with Frank Lucas. Here is some of what she says:

When I heard that Lucas wrote a magazine article a few years back claiming that he was Bumpy’s right hand man, and that Bumpy died in his arms, I was upset. He lied.

Now why would Frank tell such a lie? Because he figures that since Junie Byrd, Nat Pettigrew, Finley Hoskins and Sonny Chance have all died, there’s no one alive to reveal the fact that he’s lying. Maybe he’s figured I’m dead, too. Well, he’s wrong – I’m 93, and old – but I’m still kicking (not as high as I once did), and I have all of my mental faculties.

Well, you know what comes next:

“Harlem Godfather: The Rap On My Husband, Ellsworth ‘Bumpy’ Johnson” will be the first complete biography of a man who for years was Harlem’s best kept, and most cherished secret. While most of the world is familiar with — and fascinated by — the organized crime organizations of the Italian, Irish, Jewish and Russian communities, this will be a rare glimpse into the organized underworld of African Americans.

Hurry up and get that money, grandma!


I know we’ve been seeing 50 Cent with a “cast” on his arm, but one of my AHH associates told me that’s not the case at all. From what I understand, 50 was actually involved in a motorcycle accident and scraped up his arm or something. It’s definitely not broken though.



WOW! That was fast! I mean, these two were selling so many wolf tickets, I thought they were trying to start a West Coast / Mid-West beef! Nah, seriously I heard they got on the phone and ended the beef. I knew this wasn’t BEEF, just a pair of lyricists sparring. I heard the beef was ended with people like Big Hak from Peda Roll and Glasses Malone. Good deal.


She is a lady in the streets and a freak in the bed…and on tape! This is going to be excellent for the adults… “Kim Kardashian Superstar Part 2” is coming to you! (Absolutely no pun intended.) This thing is going to be a 100-minute sexual bonanza, where we get to see Kim at her wildest! I heard this one is super uncut and uncensored. It’s so uncut, I heard that Ray-J is still in there. Now, maybe they need a cut version? Anyway, this sucker is probably just as dry and wack as the last one, but you never know. Ray-J Wins.


Man, Cam didn’t even show up last night to give out his mixtape at the Apollow! What a bummer! Here is what the homey said to me about it (no spell check).



So, Jay-Z made his second stop on his “American Gangster” tour last night in the Chi and according to my homey Kendra G. (Power 92 Chicago) Jay-Z took over the city! Jay-Z hit the stage at 12:20am with a live band and back up singers and rocked the stage for an hour and half. The sold out concert (tickets for the show in Chicago sold out in just 8 seconds!) took place at the House of Blues and the ecstatic crowd immediately through their “ROC” signs in the air once the Jigga man hit the stage. Jay-Z did songs off hisnew album as well as his classic joints. As expected, Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek and Freeway all made surprise appearances. I heard Beans forgot some of his lyrics but DJ Green Lantern was there to keep it moving. But the biggest surprise guest appearance of the night was Kanye West! Chi-town’s own was in town shooting his next video and made time to hang out with his “Big Brother”. Kanye took the stage and did two songs off his platinum selling album, Graduation. Jay-Z and Kanye on stage together was too much for the crowd to handle!!! Pharrell and Fabolous were also in the building. Without out a doubt Jay-Z took over Chicago last night and one thing was made clear…”If Jay ain’t better than BIG…he is the closet one!”

Shout out to Nia B – I got you next time, ma!


I can’t really go into details, but this conversation was being sent to me. I heard a certain former heavyweight champ was hanging out with Wyclef. Well, the champ was allegedly puffin’ a lil’ la la la when he left ‘Clef’s domicile. Well, the champ hops in a cab with a friend with puffery in mouth. Well, I heard that the cabbie was so heated that he booted the champ and his associate out of the cab. The champ stops puffing, but he still smells like Chronic cologne. Well, being the big guy that he is, a police officer stops him and gives him a ride. The friend, I heard, aborted the mission, because he saw an arrest on the way. Nobody seems to think that he got arrested, but I don’t think anybody’s heard from the champ either.


Jennifer Lopez finally cuts the crap:

“Marc and I are expecting. We didn’t want to say anything before because we didn’t want to take away from the tour, but we’re expecting.” (Next time tell the kid in your belly your plans.)

Chamillionaire on the reunion performance with Paul Wall (AllHiphop.com):

“He asked me to come out with him and perform our song and we just did it spur of the moment.”

DJ Drama defends T.I. (AllHipHop.com):

“You got to judge him by his whole track record. Don’t judge him by one event. Judge him by overall what he does and who he is. You got to look at his history. I mean the judge knew his history, the judge was aware of the things he does for the community, the kids, the schools, the youth that are in juvenile and detention centers and things of that nature.”

Lloyd Banks tells AllHipHop.com of his new record label:

“They can expect new material from me, group material, as well as Green Gang Records, what I’m doing next. I’m looking for artists right now, so if you’re hot, holla at me, make sure you get your music to me. That’s the next move.”

Banks also admonishes the antics in Hip-Hop:

“I mean, you tell me. When you start telling me that a n***a could put a butterfly on his eye or a n***a could claim to be a gang member and [not] really be, or a n***a could kiss another n***a in the mouth and it be okay, then yeah, it’s turned into entertainment.”

Jay-Z on why he won’t retire (VH1):

“I’m addicted to this. That’s why I’m still doing it. Its not my job. I’m hear, because I love it.”


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I saw what Wolf Boy said to Angie Ma about my rumor on T-mobile party. I do rumors. Simple and plain, but I can create news if necessary. I don’t create rumors though. If that makes sense, you know what I mean. Its not the AHH Staff, just lil’ me.

I know Prodigy of Mobb Deep has a date with the Beast, but I heard he’s submitted over 20 songs to G-Unit for inclusion while he is away.

I keep hearing this rumor: that both 50 Cent and The Game will appear on the same track on Dr. Dre’s Detox.

Rumors say, Trick Daddy is trying to get on The Unit, but is grappling with some old legal woes with his old label.

Eminem is about to be back. There leaks…I hear that Eminem is putting together one hell of a comeback album.

There is a rumor that Beyonce is looking to do a cover of Aaliyah’s “One in a Million.” Yes, this is a rumor, but there are already sites protesting.

Amy Winehouse’s house was raided by the UK police, because of some ongoing investigation! Leave her alone.

J-Hood cannot get out of his deal with D-Block, because they have papers on him. Looks like D-Block/The Lox are the new Diddy/Bad Boy. Maybe Hood should have waiting before he dragged the D-Block chain down the block?


This ain’t me talking – this is straight up Raekwon! See the interview below. Shout out to Ms. Information!

Lol @ the viewers comments. “where was the interview, at the courtesy inn? He got dome or some thing.”


This is getting very serious! A Wu-Tang album with NO RZA – everybody but Rza!?!


So here, I have to devote a bit of space to a pair of super-duper long letters that I got. One is from my dude B-Daht and the other is from DJ A-Trak, who is the spin master for Kanye West. Both dudes are very, very cool brothers. B-Daht talks at length about what happened with Young Jeezy (remember the “Jeezy Banned” rumors?). A-Trak discusses the unfortunate incarceration of Seattle’s DJ DV One. Please take the time to read each of these, in the interest of TRUTH and JUSTICE!


On the 26th of October there was an afterparty for the A&T Homecoming festivities at Jab’s ultrabar. Young Jeezy was paid to do a “walk-through”. When he got there, he was rushed to the stage where a VIP “look” was arranged with chairs, a couch, bottles of all kinds of liquor, etc. Jeezy was given a mic and DJ Polo started to play Jeezy tracks, back to back.

People paid $25 for presale tickets, so you can imagine how people had to pay at the door. The commercials NEVEr said it was a walkthrough, and the average listener doesn’t understand all that anyways. Jeezy’s on stage, with a mic, and the people want him to perform. OFF GATE Jeezy’s pisst! He feels like they’re trying to MAKE him perform. So he addresses the issue with the promoter.

THEN, DJ Polo ACCIDENTLY drops the White Girls Remix with Gucci Mane in it. At that point Jeezy demands the music be stopped and gave DJ Polo a few choice words, over the live microphone, stating he was a ‘real n####” and did not appreciate being “played” and that “s### like that doesn’t happen in Atlanta” then demanded that DJ Polo “drop some m#### f###### music”….

around the same time one of his goons comes up to me and tells me not to shout out anyone in the club. The only people there are Jeezy and CTE. (I’m thinking the dude doesn’t want me to say anything about Gucci or something. I feel a LITTLE disrespected, like, “I KNOW not to talk about GUCCI at a JEEZY show!” so I just leave the stage and go host from the crowd)

At the end of the night, right at 2:30am or so Jeezy’s “guest” was leaving the building… when I saw the “guest” leaving I made attention to the fact I didn’t even know the “guest” was in the building QUOTE “Oh s###, I ain’t even know she was in the building” which drew attention to the “guests” presence…. i guess that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back for dude. He felt forced to do the show, Gucci got played AND I made comments regarding his “guest”…

I was called to the stage and as soon as I stepped onto the stage Mr Jenkins, followed by his entorauge, had my back to the edge of the stage and had me in a semi-circle. Couldn’t go backwards or I would’ve fallen off the stage, couldn’t go left or right and dead smack in front of me is Mr 17.5…..LETTING ME HAVE IT!!! From best I can recall, these are a few of his choice words…” Didn’t I tell you not to mention anyoine else? Well why in the f### woould you not listen? When I tell someone to do something, they DO IT! It’s about to get physical. I’m a real n####! Don’t nobody disrespect me like that! Now get the f### outta my face.” In the corporate world, I was threatened and verbally assaulted—- in the hood, I got punk’d by Jeezy. Either way it was f##### up. Jeezy was my dude. When I got to this station, I personally took Trap or Die to every DJ an Jock in the building going HARD for Jeezy (no h###)!! So for HIM to play me like that in front of my audience was a BIG blow….like Santa Clause cursing your ass out…picture that.

So I went on the air on Tuesday, October 30, and told my audience what happened. I’m kinda a big deal. The people called up and was on some Anti-Jeezy s###. I never told em not to listen they just felt disrespected for me! WE are the poeple that make this dude famous, the radio people, the consumer’s, the MEDIA of the Hip Hop world PERIOD! He just went too hard. So every hour on the hour was people calling the station, wanting to know the scoop, professing their support for the situation and all types of s###. I can’t front, I was ECSTATIC!!!!

THEN I go to the Haunted House that night and got the news, Yep, B Daht had made All Hip Hop!!! WTF!? Then it’s NC ain’t f###### with Jeezy cause he disrespected B Daht and Polo. S### was just moving soo fast! So I get home and get a phone call from who? A 4way call with Tap Money (our Music Director/Afternoon DJ) Waleed Coyote (Our Night DJ/Othaz Records) and Mr Jenkins (Young Jeezy/Mr 17.5)..WTF?!

Dude was telling me he was apologetic for the way he carried himself, although he meant what he said that night. He felt like the ENTIRE club was against him, the promoter, the DJ and the Host….I just happened to be the host. He said it was just a bunch of events that were bubbling and I caught the tail end. He apologizeed stating he was having a bad night but he never meant to be disrepectful… I have been having a bad night and blanked on someone who supports me faithfully. And i’ve had to humble myself and apologize…you NEVER want someone to be in the streets talking negative about you, regardless of the level you’re on. Jeezy understood that. Now don’t think i’m a naive lil guy, I know he got wind that there was a possibility an entire State was about to ban his music and that was going to effect his pockets tremendously and that AIDED in his decision to call, but at the end of the day, Jay Jenkins had to humble himself enough to call Brian McLaughlin and squash this stuff, and I respect and accept that.

So the beef is OVER. Which is sad a little bit, I could’ve made Wendy Williams and BETNews with this one!!

Just wanted to set the record straight though with you Illseed…. Big fan of AllHipHop so to see my own name on it was the S###! Sadly, by the time you were reporting all that, I had already spoken to dude, so I know he’s like “WTF?! Isquashed it with the ni99a, and he still blab’n off about it!” And that is not the case…i’m done with this s###….thanks for your time Ill, hoilla atcha boi, Pimp…Chuuch


What’s up Illseed. I am a regular reader of your column, and I’ve also been featured on AHH myself (https://staging.allhiphop.com/blogs/features/archive/2006/01/24/18133440.aspx). I’m writing to bring some attention to a tragic case of brutality and injustice served to my friend DJ DV One from Seattle, a black man and prominent figure in the Northwest hip hop scene. I’ve known DV for many years. Although we’re from different cities, we did a tour together 4 years ago and have stayed tight ever since. For as long as I’ve known him he’s always been a cool, righteous, positive, level-headed dude. He’s a long-time member of the Rock Steady Crew and I know that he’s been involved in a lot of community-centered activities. So when he called me 14 months ago and told me he got beat up by the police, needless to say I was completely shocked! Here’s the story he told me, as I recall it: in September of last year, he brought his 14 year-old daughter to a high-school football game. As they were leaving and he was talking to some friends, some cops used excessive force with his daughter who was allegedly obstructing traffic. His friends called his attention over to the scene and he came running but was stopped by a female cop as he got close. He identified himself as the father of the child, but she stood in his way; he said “that’s my daughter!”, she replied something like “and?”; he repeated “that’s my daughter!”.

At that point she reached for her flashlight. DV put his hands in the air, thinking she was going to strike him. Instead she got on her radio and called for back-up, claiming she got hit, which she didn’t! And suddenly a whole group of cops jumped on DV, threw him to the ground, kicked his face and his back in and tazed him twice!! All this was in front of his terrified daughter, mind you, as they verbally ridiculed both of them! The pictures of his medical report are horrific. DV is a big dude, it’s hard to even imagine the kind of beat-down that would bring such injuries to my friend. That’s his account of the story, and I believe him.

Then to everyone’s great surprise, seemingly to cover themselves up, the police slapped HIM with a felony charge, claiming he assaulted the female officer. The whole thing seemed unreal. But the event quickly caught the attention of the whole city, it was highly covered in the media and a prominent attorney quickly offered to represent him, assuring his that the police’s case had way too many loopholes and didn’t stand a chance. He even got support from the mayor’s office. From what I understand, the cops didn’t have any non-cop witnesses but this happened in the parking lot of a big football game. They took many days to file their report and there was no medical record of the lady cop’s alleged injuries. They gave conflicting reports on the event. By all accounts, as tragic as the incident was and as scandalous as the charges were, DV had a solid defense case on his hands and he was going to beat the charge.

It took a full year for the trial to happen, and DV kept his head up the whole time. At every hearing along the way, the courthouse was always full of supporters. And to the whole community’s huge shock and surprise, he was found guilty of “assault 3” a week ago. He will receive his sentence in December but could face up to 5 years in jail. Apparently the judge refused to give the definition of assault to the jury and it wasn’t made clear to them that the term implies an intent to harm. DV’s attorney spoke to the jury after the trial and apparently many of those who found him guilty said that they only

thought he tried to push by the officer to get to his daughter, which doesn’t mean he attacked her at all. Is this how the justice system works?? (Rhetorical question.) I am baffled. Please visit http://www.myspace.com/supportdvoneto read more articles on this matter, and of course to show your support. The hip hop community needs to know about this and DV needs our help.

Thanks Illseed… and keep up the good work, I read your column every day.



If you got this far, you deserved to see Jay-Z get his intellectual on with Charlie Rose.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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