Hip-Hop Rumors: Akon Punches Girl? Usher & Tameka Separated? Bow Wow Hearts Superhead?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. SOULJA BOY IS IN THE CLEAR I don’t know who did it, but somebody emailed me and said they saw the video and it is definitely not Soulja […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


I don’t know who did it, but somebody emailed me and said they saw the video and it is definitely not Soulja Boy. I knew the lil’ homey wasn’t going to go out like that. I mean, if he was gay, he would be gay, but he’s NOT gay. So, that’s that. somebody else, I know, actually discovered the image that was eventually photoshopped into the imagery at hand. Shout out to S-DOT-BOY.


I don’t know what Yung Berg has prepared but I heard he is making some plans. Here is what I am getting from the Chi. First, I hear he is getting himself together after that unfortunate day in Detroit. Anyway, I am hearing Berg is “rebuilding burnt bridges.” HE is reaching out to certain people that he has been beefing with and ending these beefs, that’s what I heard. I am hearing these people includes Brisco, Bugsy, and Stephen Hill (he had beef with Hill?). I heard he has some sort of big record for his “comeback.” I think his album is out so that means this is a loosie for the streets. Also, I heard that Bow Wow doesn’t have the Transformer chain and there is little hope to get that back. I did hear that Bow Wow and dude are going to be doing a record together. You live and you learn.

Lastly, I hear that Transformer chain was insured and he’s going to have another big piece of ice real soon. Maybe you live and don’t learn?


I knew when he started making lingerie and undergarments for men, something was up. Then came the tour just for females. Usher has reportedly separated from Tameka Foster, his lovely and doting wife. Um. Did I miss something though? They are saying that she is going to have his second kid in December. I had no idea. Also, last night Usher helped open up the NFL season. That’s that’s what up, Ursh! He had to do something to get his swagger back!


I’m not a hater of anybody, not Yung Berg, not Bugsy…nobody. For a while, Bow Wow was not the homey, but pretty much, I’m cool. So, I say this warmly. They are accusing Akon of punching a fan that was trying to help him get out of the crowd from crowd surfing. See the video.


Ask Bow Wow. I will cut somebody if they try to diss Will Smith! That’s the big homey! I hear some crackpot Anti-Scientology Group decides they are going to picket the school founded by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. HATERS! I didn’t even know he was fully, 100% confirmed as a Scientologist. Isaac Hayes was one, but nobody is hating on him. So why bother Will? The boycotters held up signs that said, “Scientology disconnects families” and “What church stalks critics? Scientology.” Kids were even protesting! On the real side, I don’t know much about Scientology. I just like Will’s movies. I don’t think I would have my seeds in his school.


Bow Wow and Superhead? I heard they have been seen cavorting. Now, you would think after all the dudes she has messed up (or who messed themselves up), people would learn. Rumor has it she was seen in the Bow Wow manor in Atlanta and that was quite a few times. I don’t know. Good luck? Good suck?


After watching the RNC, I am so scared of what’s to come – the evil is right around the corner. And 50 Cent has battle scars so, is he eligible for president too?

For all you girls, Bow Wow is reportedly going to be doing a sex scene on “Entourage.” I heard he was very nervous about it.

Shout out to Stevie Wonder! The legend will receive a a U.S. government honor for a lifetime of contributions to popular music. The award is called the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.

Gov. Palin has denied having extramarital affair with her husband’s business partner. Crazy! This isn’t fair at all.

Johnny Depp is expected to play the The Riddler in the next Batman movie! Now, they just need Angelina as Catwoman and we’re a go.

Michael Vick might use the United Football League as a halfway house when he gets out in July 2009. Insiders are saying he is going to need to transition back into the NFL.

My girl Kendra G and DJ Touchtone’ from Philly The Beat talked to Ciara and she said that she is not dating right now. Supposedly, Ciara claims her career takes so much of her focus she doesn’t have time for 50 Cent or Bow Wow! (I added those last two names.)

Don’t know if anybody cares, but…I heard some D-Block members (Bully and Large Amounts) got into a huge fight. I heard it didn’t come out well either.

I heard Jay-Z was in the New York 40/40 Club last week, just chilling.

An underground artist is hopping mad at Kia Shine. He says he paid the rapper for a feature on his CD and never got the appearance. Now, the underground rapper is planning to “expose” Kia Shine.

Uh OH! Jesse Jackson has checked into a hospital for severe gastric distress. Sounds like he just needs a good fart.


An Ohio woman kills her 28-day old baby by placing the child in a microwave and cooks… Well, the woman was convicted after the baby’s DNA was found in the microwave. The only thing is, she isn’t going to be put to death. The jury was unable to agree on a suitable punishment. Life in jail is actually a harsher penalty for somebody that has slain his or her child. That’s a life of suffering. She was 28 when she slayed her 28-day old. I wouldn’t want to be her, but she has reportedly found a lesbian lover in jail so maybe a lethal injection is more appropriate.

R.I.P. Paris Talley.


Who the devil thinks they can diss Bill for a kiss? This is a classic video.


This is not a good year for young fly dudes.



You Will Respect Matthew Knowles’ Gangsta…

Papa K, father of Mrs. Jigga and the other one, called up KRBE in Houston because he heard through the grapevine that one of the morning personalities called his youngest a “B.” I totally expected the morning crew to back down and hand Mr. Knowles an insincere apology, but hell no. The morning personality, Special K, admitted he called Miss Solange a “B” and then went on to pretty much call her an untalented coat tail rider whose song had already been shot down by the city of Houston. He also suggested that he was going to get his Mom to come up to the station to plead his case since Solange sicked her father on him. Mr. Knowles attempted to stand up for his baby girl, but when that didn’t work he said something about having a bomb in his car, told Special K he knew he lived in Houston and that they would soon meet.

Number One With a Bullet…

Or you may know it under its working title, Who Shot Ya? This documentary will be premiered next week at the Urban World Film Festival in New York. Jim Dziura, Filmmaker, allows the viewers to take a realistic look at an element of street cred as the subject emcees tell the story of the moment they were shot. There are also other members of the Hip Hop community, including Mos Def and Ice Cube, who go in on guns and their presence in the hood. Looks like something we should all see. Check the trailer.

Alrighty Folks……… I’m Outta Here! FRIDAY!


More info on Kanyes 4th LP….So we’ve all been hearing reports about Kanye’s fourth album and upcoming project, well it seems we have more confirmation on the album and a release month to look forward to! According to MTV UK Kanye will be releasing an album as early as December and a new single ‘Love LockDown’ should be available for download on on Sept 8th.  Although Kanye wasn’t expected to release an album in 2008, after his much acclaimed Graduation it seems almost necessary! Good look Kanye a chain of fatburgers and a new LP sounds like a great combo to me! I can’t hat on ya plus I love me some Ye 😉 Juelz says “F yall I aint get robbed”… Speaks on the London RobberySo we all know Juelz Santana was supposedly robbed in London by some goons for 70K.  According to Juelz he wasn’t robbed and he has the jewelry to prove it! Check him pimp out his youtube stardom below: Whats up with rappers getting jacked lately? Maybe this will be a huge slice of humble pie for these m###’s to swallow! Friday Foolery……..Matthew Goes off on Houston DJ for Bad Mouthing Solange!In a recent call in to a Houston morning show on KRBE Matthew addresses the Solange Fox incident and gets active! Listen to the audio HERE! Those Knowles get it in, huh?! They do stick up for one another can’t hate on that!Speaking of bad……. J Hud was spotted on the streets of NY en route to the grand opening of some boutique! Is it me or does she always look overly stuffed like breathing isn’t an option! [Illseed note: hate!]moving on up…….Author Michael Eric Dyson writes book on Nas’ lyrics… InterestingFamed Author Michael Eric Dyson has a new book entitled “Born to Use Mics: Reading Nas’s Illmatic” on January 12th, 2009.  The book which will mark Dysons 17th published work will go into detail about Nas’ lyrics within his Illmatic cd. Dyson told AHH that, Every song on Illmatic will be analyzed, interpreted and then re-articulated in a kind of intellectual sense from his own base in Hip Hop and we’re trying to deal with that seriously,Very insightful, the book will be bringing in insights from different people on the effects of Nas’ insightful and controversial lyrics from his famed Illmatic LP! Sounds like a good read to me. Lady Drama’s Food For Thought: Word on the street is Usher and his wife are separated and she’s expecting AGAIN! Yeah I know we heard it all before but…  It does cause you to wonder how long a marriage would last between a dude who calls underwear”men’s undergarments.”  If Bow Wow and his feminine tendencies can bag superhead.. it’s pretty much fair game now huh? But who would want any type of game with that? Seeing how 50 and Ciara are supposed to come out about their relationship at the VMA’s I wonder how he feels about his piece slathered all over Vibe Mag with less clothes on than a newborn baby fresh out the womb! TGIF go hard or go to a bar and get twisted on someone’s happy hour! Hell it’s drink thirty somewhere people!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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