Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Killer Forces Surrounding The Game Over 40 Glocc Fight??


Let me start this one off very carefully. The Game did something I think was stupid. He beat on 40 Glocc and taped it. Now, there’s more foolishness that goes with this. He’s a family man with kids. Now, I know much less about 40 Glocc, but I’m going to assume he’s got loved ones as well. In an old school way, I commend 40 Glocc for challenging Game to a “fair one” even though I have been informed no such thing exists anymore. [Read “Hip-Hop Rumors: 40 Glocc Challenges The Game To A Fair Fight” by clicking right here. Now, on to the rumor. I’m hearing that people – not 40 Glocc specifically – are convening and looking for The Game over this fracas that happened on tape. [Click here to see the video]. Basically, this is a gang thing, not a Hip-Hop thing at all and they are looking for Game, from what I hear. Now, I PRAY – and mean that literally – that cooler heads prevail in this instance. Maybe they will have a fair fight somewhere past the guns and tribal warfare of it all. Who knows? Until then, this is what I am hearing.

Anyway, Game got his photoshop/web team working overtime with 40GloccGotKTFO.com.

And 40 Glocc explained to VladTV:

And lastly…there is more assault footage: