Hip-Hop Rumors: Bahamas Mad At Wayne! Blueprint 3 Tracklisting? The Game Cries! Superhead Shows Her Belly!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! THE BAHAMAS IS MAD AT LIL WAYNE Lil Wayne was supposed to be rocking a landmark concert in the Bahamas. BUT, the show didn’t happen. Wayne […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Lil Wayne was supposed to be rocking a landmark concert in the Bahamas. BUT, the show didn’t happen. Wayne was to kick it in Nassau on Friday, September 26, but something went very wrong. LIl Wayne was there, but a beef between the sound company and the promoter Red City Entertainment made the sound people leave the whole country hanging! Wayne couldn’t perform if he wanted to. I guess there are no other sound companies in the Bahamas. You know, it all boiled down to money, at the end of the day. The Sound People didn’t get their money and they were scared they weren’t going to get it. Thousands of people showed up, but no show. The next day, they did a show and announced Weezy all night. At the end of the night, when it was waynes time, dude wasn’t there. People were hurt. Better luck next time.


C-Dove. Have you ever heard that name before? Well, he is supposedly Ray-J’s other brother and he’s got a new song about killing Ray. “AK spittin’ right up to Ray’s mellon.” Why is he doing this to his own bro? I don’t know – bitter over something. C-Dove didn’t know about his famous brother and sister (Brandy) until they were older. Still Ray and Brandy weren’t quite famous…now they are.

Here are some of the lyrics of the rap song:

“When I pop in this banana (clip) boy, I’ll have you shakin’”

“If I dodn’t catching you in Cali, I’ma catch you in the Chi”

“I’ll have you runnin’ to ya momma like Ooohhhhhhh…”

“I’m about to act fool…there ain’t no more Mr. Nice Guy…you a b***h, you ain’t trying to fight!”

I’m not a big Ray-J fan, but this is just stupid.


Chris Baker had his funeral yesterday. As you should know, he was the young man that served as Travis Barker’s assistant and friend. I heard it was extremely sad. Rumor had it, The Game was in tears and extremely saddened during the ceremony – like everybody. Travis Barker didn’t make it, despite the rumors, but DJ AM made it. I heard he had a number of white blotches on his face and a hand cast, but doesn’t look disfigured at all. Travis had somebody read a statement on his behalf. I cannot fathom going through what they are going through right now. I hear every body wore green, which was Chris’ favorite color. WHEW!


Speaking of Game…This got all of three comments on tmz so I am going to spread the good news. The Game beat criminal battery charges after a judge agreed to drop the charges – with a condition. But you remember the situation, right? The rapper was accused of socking one of his own cousin at a funeral after they had a dispute over money. Game reportedly promised to pay half. Now, he has to endure 36 anger management courses between now and February of 2009. If he does a Gucci Mane and doesn’t do what the judge said, he’s going to face conviction. Sucks to be the cousin, heh? I’m assuming a civil suit is on the way.


Check out this Birthday message Foxy Brown sent us:

What up yall… Thursday night at LQ’s we celebrate my Birthday and The Brooklyn Don Diva’s release from Prison!!!!!!! Ladies, I need yall lookin’ like money cuz I got ballers flyin’ in from every city and champagne flown in from different countries!!!  It’s only ONE NIGHT IN N.Y yall!!!! Thursday, October 2nd come party with (Me, Spragga Benz, Busta Rhymes, Scarface and the Iconic Barrington Levy). I luv yall for standing by me thru it all.. And I promise this is the best party of the year!!!!!   Luv, Foxy Brown



I was talking to my homeboy Daytona and he posted something on his myspace blog that got us both mad at. First, stop asking us if we are only voting for Obama because he’s Black! Cut that s**t out! First of all, so what if I am or somebody is voting for him because he’s Black! Secondly, its not like White people don’t do that. White folks have ALWAYS voted in some way or another based on color (and gender too) so big flippin’ deal. Now, Black people – the ones I know – have gone over the top to explain why they support Barack Obama. It’s not like he’s Clarence Thomas – some BLACK DUDE just just to vote because he’s BLACK. I know somebody that voted for Bush, because he reminded him of his own father. Look what dude’s “father” got us into! IF you voted for Bush, go punch yourself in the face and jump off a bridge.

Terrance J registered 100k people to vote? I don’t know how he did that, but congrats! Click here to register to vote! The deadline is coming next week. REGISTER!!!!! Also, you can VOTE EARLY….that’s what I am going to do!

SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN ENDI didn’t want to post this, but I had to. I HAD TO!People, forgive me, but we ALL have to do BETTER! Anyway, Middletown woman stands accused. She is accused of being disorderly in public as she ran around the town in a cow suit.That’s right…a freaking COW SUIT.Here is the rest of the report by the AP:A police report filed about the incident said Michelle Allen allegedly chased children in her neighborhood while wearing the suit on Monday evening.Allen also urinated on a neighbor’s front porch, the report said, and was warned by officers to go home and stay there.Allen was charged with disorderly conduct after an officer found her causing traffic problems on North Verity Parkway.The officer’s report stated that Allen was verbally abusive to him on the trip to jail and smelled of alcohol.The report did not speculate as to why Allen was wearing the cow suit.HERE, MY FRIENDS, IS THE PICTURE:

Pray for us…


I admit, I am not the best when it comes to these rumors dealing with pop acts.But, here is what somebody sent me. Dawn of Danity Kane was in a relationship for 5 years before meeting Q. She dropped her ex Justin for Q. All this time, according to rumors, she’s been lying saying she hasn’t been in a relationship at all. I’m going to keep it real…I don’t know what any of this means. Somebody give me the real deal on this stuff. If you have any Danity rumors, I’m interested in relaying them to my people that care.


I totally don’t think this is real, but in honor of The Hip Hop Chronicle, I put it up. Here you go. I don’t believe it though.

01. Wake Up New York (Intro)

02. Most Kings

03. Hades (Lucifer Pt. II)

04. Eternal Jewels (ft. Jay Electronica) [p###. by Jay Electronica]

05. Blueprint 3

06. Lucy (ft. Chris Martin)

07. The Audacity of Dope

08. Swagger Like Us Pt. 2 (ft. Nas, Andre 3000, and Young Jeezy)

09. Election Night (We believe in Obama)

10. Just Memories

11. Apostate (ft. Eminem) [p###. by Eminem]

12. Oasis

13. My Brothers Keeper (ft. Scarface)

14. Brooklyn Lost

15. Weeds & Concrete

16. Without Rain


My ex future girlfriend Kelly Rowland opened her beak a lil’ too fast. She stated that there was going to be a Destiny’s Child reunion in 2009. Uh, NO! There won’t be a nee album or tour, says Michelle Williams. Michelle says she is more interested in doing her solo thing, where Kelly is probably feeling the recession! Sheeeet….as you can see, illseed is bitter. Still. Michelle said, “I haven’t heard anything about a Destiny’s Child reunion. I’m focusing on me now and want to stand on my own two feet. I’m definitely carving out my own niche. I don’t look to them for anything. I’ve got a long way to go cos I’m starting over but I’m happy for it to build slowly.” That’s right Michelle.


“Entertaining rumors, you a fool if you do,” Ross said. I take that personal! Anyway, Rawse is actually getting better. I heard there is a new rap group coming out called The Rawse Crew and they totally follow Rick Ross. The thing is, they aren’t affiliated with Ross and they are from either NJ or NY.



I always thought Joe Budden was messed up in the game, but I must have been wrong. Check out Joe B as he flaunts his life, “wife” and son. I don’t think he’s really married but we can effectively stop talking about Gloria Velez now. Check out Joe Budden at home.


I told you a ways back that “Rap City” was gone, but its officially GONE GONE. They should’ve never let Tigger go!

Obie Trice, Eminem and DMX are reportedly going to be featured on a song from Em’s new CD. This is going to be ill.

Beyonce’s collection of wigs is worth a reported $1 million.

I have gotten some NSFW pics that people said were a part of the Brit Spears sex tape. Not even close…aside from her being white. Now, I heard the actual tape is two hours long. Wow.

I said this last week, but they are saying that Eminem’s next CD will be called The Empack. Whoever owns that King Mathers lost.

Rumor has it Yums clothing/shoes are the people that are sponsoring the Chamillionaire video game tourney for $20,000. The money goes to Hurricane Ike relief effort.

If you miss Lady Drama, you and I are one and the same. She is taking this week off.

Janet was hospitalized for dehydration, not pregnancy.

Eva Longoria Parker has been looking real plump lately, but her and her hubby Tony say she’s just gained weight.

Rumor has it Lil’ Kim is in the process of recovering her career with the Trackmasters.

You cats can say what you want, OPRAH IS A G. She got Obama a gift. She gave him a pen that belonged to JFK – a rare collectable. That’s JFK as in John F. Kennedy as in…WE GOT THIS!


Like I said, I definitely feel like an idiot even entertaining this, but check it.


HOLD THE HELL UP…I thought battle rapping was over, but E-Ness and Mysonne got it on! Now, they were killin’ each other on every bar so that was kind of wack. But it was entertaining. Check it out. I wasn’t even gonna post this…I didn’t finish, but the first 7-10 mins are entertaining.


This is kinda funny, but kinda sad. Peedi is now in jail. I want him to get focused! He’s better than this, as proven by the AllHipHop.com Social Lounge.


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