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DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! NELLY FURTADO CONCERT ENDS IN RIOT – THANKS RAPPER! Nelly Furtado was in Russia on Sunday and her concert ended in a damn riot! The Canadian […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Nelly Furtado was in Russia on Sunday and her concert ended in a damn riot! The Canadian singer was performing in Moscow, Russia and Timati, Russian rapper, tried to rock with her as planned. The venue refused him admission to the show. Nelly Furtado’s security went to handle theirs and a fight broke out! About 20 people were involved to an extent where the crowd was hit with blood. Hell, the rapper Timati lost a tooth in the fight!


It took some time, but I finally got used to these two and now they are saying they might be fired? I hope not, to be honest. You all know, I used to be in love with Free. Whew. Free. Anyway, people are saying Rocsi was on vacation, but that seems to be a lame cover-up for the indefinite leave she was put under for bouncing last week. She’s expected to be gone for several weeks. She was seen down in Miami at some event. All in all, they OK with me, especially Terrence J. Like I said, I heard Rocsi hates me.

MORE ON SHAWTY LOUPDATE: Shawty Lo denies the rumors. “A couple of dudes from my Bowen Homes hood got into it with some

other dudes from Bowen Homes,” Shawty Lo explained to AllHipHop.com.

“It really wasn’t nothing, just some Bowen Homes sh*t. It wasn’t an

altercation with me at all. I didn’t get touched, period. And this had

nothing to do with TI.”


Ouch. OK, I have a bit more information on this scene. Now, nobody has threatened to kill me today so there might be something real about this. Somebody told me that the whole ordeal is on cameras at the club, which is owned by T.I. I wasn’t there so I can’t say whether or not it was factual or not. Like I said yesterday there was a rumor that Shawty Lo got “mopped up” at Club Crucial was the scene of a crime against rapper Shawty Lo. From what I understand, Crucial is TI’s club on Bankhead. It was reportedly off the chain on Saturday. Shawty Lo and his whole click showed up at around 2:30 am on Saturday. I heard some dude named Meatball attacked Shawty Lo while a well-regarded song called “What Up” played. As you know, that is the diss record T.I. recently recorded. I heard that it was ugly. I heard that Club Crucial is confirming the incident and my sources swear by this.


I don’t want to hurt a certain rapper’s rep, but my friend told me this story that a year or two ago he was working at a radio station and this rapper was there to rap a verse that was ghostwritten. The rapper kept messing up when performing the written down verse. Finally, the rapper tells dude, “Between me and you, I can’t read well.” To his credit this obviously means that most of the stuff the rapper performs has to be his own. If someone ghostwrites for him, he has to memorize it from what I know.

I considered naming the rapper, but I think people already think he is dumb. I don’t want to fuel those flames. Hey, Tom Cruise can’t read either! Good company.


Not sure if this is a press stunt or what, but 50 Cent and Val Kilmer are reportedly going to hit the studio and record some songs. The rumors says, that since becoming friends on a movie set, Fiferoo and Val are now working. They are saying it will only happen if MC Val decides to step up. 50 Cent has all the beats.


Barack Obama has finally picked his presidential candidate for his 2008 run for the presidency and he has choosen illseed!

Thanks to everybody that supported me in this effort. My cabinet of advisors are C_A_K, Boss Up and AJ22. More to be added. Anyway, Kanye West, N.E.R.D and

Wyclef Jean have reportedly joined Usher as performers supporting

Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention. Not sure about all



Akon may have a major issue. I all, but forgot about this situation, but he’s got a criminal case against him from when he tossed that dude off the stage. The “dude” was a 15 year old in 2007. Akon was slapped with a few charges that could get him in jail for a year or more. Akon was at the ASCAP Awards last month and I heard he was so cheerful, he wore yellow pants.


My dude B is currently living over in Japan and he had an interesting situation with Bobby Valentino.

“What’s up!!! Usually I wouldn’t send this type of s**t but f**k it I think this n***a has the “big head”!!! Last Wed. (Jul 9) my homies and I went to a club in Tokyo called Warehouse 702 and while I was busy watching the awesome pole dancers do what they do on the pole, I was about 10 n***as makin’ their way to the stage. Now it’s not uncommon for local groups to perform at the club so that’s what I thought was going on. Once everybody was up there I started to turn my head as the hype man said “Hey what’s up we have Bobby Valentino in the house.” This n***a was on stage for literally 30 seconds and then walked up to V.I.P. Now I wasn’t expecting him to do a show or sing some s**t but damn!!! Homie ain’t say s**t. They played two of his songs and that was it he never came down from V.I.P. to sign autographs, take pictures, or just be amongst us common folk. I understand n***as got money and what not, but ur independent now….PROMOTION is key!!! U need to be tryin’ to keep ur CD off the clearance rack!!! Especially since u left DTP!!! I thought u had a couple of cool songs and what not but after that s### I think I’ll pass on ur next flop…I mean project!!!”


Damn, I just happened to be on tmz and saw dag on Nate Dogg. Dude rolled up in a wheelchair for a court proceeding. He was there because he apparently was threatening the life if his ex-girlfriend and following her like a crazy man on the highway. He got a bail set at $100,000, but they rolled him back to jail until he puts up some money to get out. Where is Dr. Dre when you need him? He pleaded not guilty to the felony charges against him.ILLSEED’S QUICKIES

CLOCK? I heard a crazy rumor that Edner “Cherry Bomb” Cherry snuffed Floyd Mayweather. I don’t know if that’s true. Floyd is the best pound for pound (or is that “was”). That’s in the ring though.

THE I-N-C: Rumor has it Max B may have found a recording home in The Inc records with Irv Gotti.

NAS IS HOT! Nas got that heat! I heard his recent concert in NYC was so hot that people were nearly passing out. Apparently the AC wasn’t working for about two weeks.

GETO: The legendary Geto Boys are working on a new album – a reunion album, at that.

SIGNED: I hear Cassidy is taking his show over to Universal Records.

OFF THE HOOK: Everybody thought Teddy Riley did it, but he didn’t. The fire that destroyed an ailing studio perished by an electrical problem, according to The Virginia-Pilot. Rumors!

GOT IT! Nicole from the P#### Cat Doll’s has reportedly locked in with Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton.

VANDALS: Some New York youth tossed a rock through Madonna’s SUV. She wasn’t in it, but her driver was. Foul.

DRUGS = BAD: Andy Dick was arrested after a 17-year-old girl said Dick grabbed her tank top and bra and pulled them down. Her boobage was exposed! They allegedly found illegal and illicit drugs on homey.

THE REAL GAME: We’re talking about The Game joining Westside Connection and he’s talking about being with his child’s mom and being a family man.

INSTANT CLASSIC:Jay-Z and Timbaland might be doing Jay’s next album in its entirety.

JESSE’S MESSY! I wish Jesse didn’t use the N-Word when referring to Black folk. He’s fought the word for years. Remember when he said, “Fo’ shizzle my nizzle”?

NO N-WORD: Check out http://lifestylzgh.blogspot.com. This is mostly for my African brothers and sisters, but anybody that is down – check it!

SNITCH? Snoop Dogg has reportedly been named as a witness in the murder trial of Bay Area rapper Mac Minister.

RETIRE? Scarface said he’s going to retire. I hope not, but it’s not so bad. You cant have the mind of a lunatic forever…can you? Hope that reunion CD comes out…

9…or 19? Nas is rumored to started smoking weed at the age of nine. Maybe that’s why he forgot a lot of raps as his NYC show.

JEAN – COME BACK! Jean Grae is retiring, because she is rumored to be very unhappy with Talib Kweli and the label. I just thought she was quitting!


These swinger rumors are coming back up with Will and Jada (WOW):

“In our marriage vows, we didn’t say ‘forsaking all others.’ Our perspective is, you don’t avoid what’s natural and you’re going to be attracted to people.”

Dave Chappelle explains why he didn’t make the Kevin Powell (for Congress) fundraiser:

“I generally stay out of politics however I had planned to attend the event to show my support for Kevin Powell as a friend. Unfortunately and regretfully, I had some travel issues and could not be there.”

Chris Brown on him and Rihanna (wenn):

“Every interview I do, they’re like, ‘So, how are you and such and such doing?’ And I’m like, I don’t know you, ‘why you all in my business?’” (Why is this dude in show business talking like this?)

Blender asked 50 Cent this question: “Who is your fantasy woman?”:

“But I’m-a tell you the truth: the mom from The Cosby Show. Yeah, Clair Huxtable. She was gorgeous, Jesus. I met her recently — she’s still very attractive.”

Bow Wow on the alleged beef with Omarion after he rapped about how tight O’s jeans are (mtv):

“O is my homeboy, and I even joke with O about how tight he wears his jeans,” Bow added. “He knows how tight his jeans are. That’s my homeboy. Everybody knows how tight Omarion wears his pants. It’s not a secret. So why is everybody jumping on me? It’s a fact. Plus, it’s a joke. So why wouldn’t I joke on my homeboy?”



This dude can probably call his wedding a wrap after this incident. Harry Bouchard, 38, allegedly bit off his own brother-in-law’s eyebrow during an altercation in the parking lot at a Walgreens. Apparently, ol’ Harry and the brother-in-law got into some sort of argument that turned violent. When it was all said and done, Harry did a Mike Tyson to his brother buddy’s eyebrow. He bit it off and spit it out…then laughed. Whoa. Yo, the cops got their and did the brother a solid – they found the eyebrow. It was re-attached at a hospital with 70 stitches.

SIGNS 2 at illseed.com. A man cuts off his own head instead of leaving his home?? A must read!


LL Cool J gets FIERCE on Project Runway……

So for those of you who don’t know Project Runway is a fashion designer challenge that comes on Bravo! What makes it important to hip hop is the fact that LL Cool J will be a guest judge on this season. According to sources LL will be on the show to promote some type of clothing line, it will either be his Todd Smith line or his cheaper line that’s carried at Sears. Either way I hope its worth it because featuring your product, clothing line or company on the show can cost as much as $500,000 bucks! good luck LL and how you doin?

Reggie Tells Kim to Tone it Up…..

Looks like there is such a thing as too much junk in the trunk, well at least that’s how Reggie Bush feels about his girl Kim. While I was getting my daily dose of New York Post I came across this:

A source tells Page Six that Kardashian, who will wrestle Carmen Electra in the new flick ‘Disaster Movie,’ has been working out extra hard these days at the request of her boyfriend, New Orleans Saint Reggie Bush. ‘He’s been pushing her to work out hard,’ said our source.

Sunday, Kardashian was overheard telling a friend at the opening of FUSE nightclub in Nashville that Bush made her run the dunes at Manhattan Beach in California.

hmmmm….. I don’t know if ole girl is just training for a new movie or if Reggie is politely trying to get Kim to tone up and using the movie as a decoy….. so Ill pose the question to my Down A** Brothers on Ahh… when is it too much and is there a such thing because I’ve been getting mixed answers… so help me out puhlease 😉

Awww No……..Natalie Cole Has Hep C!

Looks like living the party life has caught up to Natalie Cole, the singer was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Read below via a public statement:

Natalie Cole has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. The Grammy-winning singer, 58, discovered she had the disease during a routine visit to the doctor, but is responding well to treatment.

“Natalie has had a terrific response to her medication and is now virus negative,” Dr. Graham Woolf, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at U.C.L.A./Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, said in a statement.” This gives her an increased chance of cure.”

Doctors believe that Cole’s illness is likely the result of drug usage decades ago, which she documented her 2000 autobiography, “Angel On My Shoulder.”

I wish her the best and a great recovery!

Will These Two Give it Up Already!

Mariah and her so called spouse hit up Disney world recently! It’s about normal for them to milk a photo any chance they get! No need to get married in vain! Not for nothing but doesn’t Mariah resemble Mickey and Minnie a bit? Just a thought!

Lady Dramas Food For thought:

I hear Adina howard is still giving lap dances… anyone interested? PERVS 😉

Lil Wayne went to court with a white tee and some jeans on… Am I the only one convinced that the one working side of his brain isn’t really working either?

I’ve been feeling the sudden urge to sling grease….. Dont say I didn’t give yall a heads up!

Go hard or go home peeps!

NOT SO FAST…SHELZ: I have to admit, I don’t know what Shelz is talking about with these rumors. LOL. Check them out and see if you can make heads or tails of them.

Ice Cube totally co-signs The Game.

He told the folk over at The Hip Hop Chronicle that he can see The Game moving towards legendary, iconic status in hip hop. Cube went on to say that all The Game needs to do is keep his focus and he’ll get to the hip hop promised land. Oh, he also said he feels the same way about Fiddy. [Check out the video at illseed.com]

Maybe I’m just Slow….

But does Flava Flav have some really little kids? Like really really lil, still in diapers type kids? How is this possible if he has been pouring all of his energy into finding the perfect woman for the last three years? And what chick is allowing him to kiss and rub on every stray piece of VH1 bootay that passes by while she continues to provide that man with progeny? Ugghhh!

Gangs Have Overrun the NFL?

During the NBA playoffs, Paul Pierce walked past the Hawks bench and did some ole crazy ish with his fingers. The league administration, which is obviously laden with ex-8th Street rollers, recognized it as “menacing” and fined him $25,000. In my opinion it looked more like that sign Celie gave Mista right before she drove away from holiday dinner. But anyway, not to be outdone by the hoopsters, the NFL has taken an interest in all of those unidentified hand signals their players use on the field as well. In their epic paranoia, they have hired criminologists to pour over game film as it accrues during the year to make sure no bangers are palming the pigskin. Now, I’m pretty sure some of these gestures are homemade and don’t mean a damn thing to anyone but the player and some of his folk. Like Travis Henry throwing up that 9. It’s the number of children he’s fathered out of wedlock and amazingly enough the amount of dollars he brings home per game after paying all that child support. Or we can see Brett Favre throwing up the 10×10 sign, which is the number of teams he would rather play for than the Packers. I would wonder were they find the money for such nonsense, but considering the possible rookie cap, I think I know.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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