Hip-Hop Rumors: Be 50 Cent’s Model Chick! Suge “Witness”Missing! Jim Brown Slams Michael Jordan!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! GUCCI MANE IS VERY ALIVE AND IN JAIL Radric Davis aka Gucci Mane is very alive. Well, that’s good right? The bad part is that he’s […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Radric Davis aka Gucci Mane is very alive. Well, that’s good right? The bad part is that he’s still in jail for a year. I have no more to say on the matter.

Since Gucci Mane is alive, you should click here to see “McCain Be Old.” I know that has NOTHING to do with nothing, but I thought it was funny. That debate is going to be crazy.


Remember all that drama at the BET Awards, when Jacki-O tried to get on the set of that Lil’ Wayne video? There was an alleged altercation between her and Brisco. I heard Brisco said the following in the latest issue of Ozone magazine. He gets super ugly on her:

“And yeah, she’s a girl, but I will slap the f**k out of her. I beat the f**k out of her. She knows the deal. Other girls might not know, but she knows a ni**a don’t play that s###. All that extra talking around these out-of-town ni**as and s**t will transpire.”

This is as personal as it gets. WOW!


The cops want to talk to a woman that Suge Knight allegedly kicked, punched and left naked on the side of a road. I say allegedly, because these are pending! Las Vegas copper went to get her for a new interview and she came up missing – according to tmz. I mean, missing as in nobody can find her ast this moment. They still plan to continue with the case against Suge though. I guess they have whatever they needed and wanted to strengthen the case.


You know I love the West Coast, but when it comes to the rumors, the West can be deficient unless its 40 Glocc running up on Lil’ Wayne’s truck. Do you remember the name Hot Dolla? He was a pretty talented dude, but he hasn’t blossomed the way we thought he would. Remember when he approached Daz at the Dub Car Show in Los Angeles about 2 years ago with his entourage (Guerrilla Black was in that mix). A fight sort of insued. Well, I heard Big Snoop Dogg got on the phone and handled his biz. No, not a hit! I heard he made sure the media and radio stations knew that this young man attempted to do harm to his cousin. And that was all she wrote. Am I wrong?


Are You A Beautiful Sexy Female?

Do You Know A Beautiful Sexy Women?

Well “50” Is Looking For A Couple Of “Top Notch” Females To Shoot With Him For His New CD Insert. If You Think That You Qualified Or Know A Female That Is, He Is Having A “Photo Submission Casting”. Females Can Send Their Photos To 50centcasting@gmail.com (and cc ahhrumors@gmail.com on all “serious” submissions) “Please, Only Serious Inquiries & NO MUSIC!” Females Need To Send Atleast “3” Of Their “Best” Photos. This Should Be Done ASAP!

Thank you for your interest and participation.

Please send the following info with your photos:

Full Name:Date Of Birth:Nationality:Height:Weight:Bust:Waist:Hips: Eye Color:Hair Length:

Once again the e-mail is 50centcasting@gmail.com.


When All Else Fails, There is Always the NFL.

Ballers! Keep On Ballin!

This is Brandon Lloyd. He plays for the Chicago Bears. He is having an identity crisis. He thinks he’s a rapper. He is wrong.

He probably thinks his hair is cool too. Wrong again.

Jim Brown Says Michael Jordan is Full of Chicago Bull

Wow…. You have to respect Jim Brown. He’s like a Renaissance Man, but why Jordan and why now? I don’t know, but this is what he told the LA Times.

“Athletes need to represent more than just getting a big contract and lots of endorsements. Take Michael Jordan. To me, he is full of bull. He’s hiding his true self. All he cares about is getting ahead, being popular and enjoying the wealth of this country. Same with Kobe Bryant. For them, it’s all about making money and doing all the commercials.”

Why Pacman? Why?

So Adam “Pacman” Jones was at a party and the security guard the Cowboys hired to protect him from himself said it was time to go, but Pacman didn’t want to go. So he sucker punched security in the bathroom while he was tinkling. So not only does he have a black eye, he has p### on his shoes. They start fighting, but when the cops get there, security doesn’t want to press charges. The Cowboys don’t seem to think this is a big deal, but the league feels differently as Pacman is working under some sort of “no whipping ass in the club” clause. He’s suspended indefinitely, but he and security are still friends. Awwww.

Aaaand I’m out! Go Ravens! Please!


“I know they are looking so let me pose for a second.”

“I’m about to ‘Kanye’ these damn photographers! Get away from my girl and her bootay!”


Affirmative Action… The Eminem Edition…

Well Ill be damned after all these years it looks like Eminem is ready to be social again! The rapper has a new book ‘The Way I Am’ coming out which we reported on a couple weeks ago and with that book comes tons of promotion and sightings for all you fans to go check out. One event in particular will be a SECRET book release party which will be hosted by Angela Yee and DJ Kay Slay along with producer The Alchemist spinning records all night. If you like me have absolutely no pull and really want to know what’s going down at the event don’t fret just listen into Eminem’s Shade45 Sirius Satellite radio station, which will broadcast LIVE from the venue. Leave it to Eminem to always look out for the STANS!

Sidenote.. Michelle Obama listens to Beyonce…

In a recent interview with Women’s mag Marie Claire Michelle Obama was asked what music she has in her iPod and she answered:

– Anthony David

– Stevie Wonder

– Beyonce

– Mariah Carey

Michelle is a really cool lady I must say… Isn’t it crazy how Michelle can operate an Ipod and John McCain cant even work a PC? Just a thought! Speaking of which, make sure you all catch the last presidential debate tonight @ 9PM.

Angela and Vanessa get their own show… Like we didn’t see that coming!

Looks like MTV is really riding the wave with the Simmons fam, and are giving the Simmons girls their own show titled ‘Daddy’s Girls’! The show will follow the girls as they continue to build their Pastry Brand and deal with the growing pains of coming into adulthood and adjusting to new life in LA. A release date for the show hasn’t been released yet. So does this mean there will be no more Runs house? Cause if so that’s not a fair trade off 🙁 Speaking of the Simmons…

Just Because…


Damn, I never knew Russ was on it like that… no wonder he can keep chicks half his age satisfied! I wonder if he’s still accepting applications? I’d apply! This takes a lot of upper body strength and patience, two things very important in the ______!

Lady Dramas Food for Thought…

Its a debate night y’all should already know!


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