Hip-Hop Rumors: Black Jesus! Shawnna Sues? Papoose Speaks! Lil Wayne Tells Truth!

HMMMMMM…. I’ve been kind of bored with the rumors lately. Not my rumors in particular, but just in general. I guess there is no need to complain, but forge on. I do have a couple editorials coming. I STILL have one for Mr. Jason Whitlock and another funny one that I hope you will like. […]


I’ve been kind of bored with the rumors lately. Not my rumors in particular, but just in general. I guess there is no need to complain, but forge on. I do have a couple editorials coming. I STILL have one for Mr. Jason Whitlock and another funny one that I hope you will like. I guess I have to diversify my AllHipHop Offerings to keep it popping!

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This ain’t me, but Page Six is reporting that Scott Storch is going through it on the money tip. The rumor tip suggests that the high-end producer has hit tough times. According to a source, one of his credit cards was declined at a Miami club. Some say that he was worth $70 million at one point and now that figure is about $17 million. What’s the issue then? I think he may have been late on a payment or something and it was declined like that. There is no way he’s having issues ONLY based on a credit card being declined. There are so many reasons for that.


So, I told you that I heard a preposterous rumor that Soulja Boy was killed or died in some tragedy. How morbid. Unfortunately, another rumor has popped up out of that one – that perhaps Soulja Boy has lost his mother in a car accident. I don’t have any facts associated with this, but it seemed weird that it would come so close to the initial rumor. I hope all is well and I suppose we’ll find out soon.


I heard that Shawnna is taking the legal route in a situation that played itself out in Minnesota. I heard that Shawnna, BG, 8Ball & MJG wre doing a show out there and things didn’t really go so well. After the show, I heard the owner of the club was like, “You guys gotta get outta here right now.” Well, Shawnna’s DJ tells him that they just performed and the owner allegedly responded with hostility. The owner then shoves the DJ, I heard. After that, I heard all hell breaks loose and drinks are thrown along with punches. Shawnna and her people were kindly let out of the club by security only to see thee police outside! So, now Shawnna is going to take legal action from what I heard.


That was just a terrible joke that didn’t even need to be stated. Oh, you don’t get it? Word is leaking that Jermaine Dupri has leveraged his Janet connection to bring the entire Jackson 5 to his club with “A Jackson 5 New Year’s Eve.” ! Good lord! How much is that going to cost? Furthermore, who is going to be allowed in the building? Don’t get it confused this is – Michael, Marlon, Jermaine, Tito and Jackie! Randy – don’t be shy! Rebbie! LaToya!

Listen to the announcement on V-103.


Jay-Z recently talked to Entertainment Weekly and he commented on many things that we’ve been talking for quite some time – the Def Jam situation.

So I gotta ask you: It’s December now. How are you feeling about your contract at Def Jam? That’s coming up soon.

You know, it’s active. We’ll see how it turns out. I mean, we’re close. So we’ll know in the next couple of weeks how it turns out.

The New York Daily News said last week that talks were stalling because you made some big demands. Is there any truth to that?


So from your perspective, do you think you’ll be at Def Jam next year?

Yeah, I think — I don’t know. Let me not even say that. I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes. But seriously, it’s not about money. That’s really the last thing. Of course, as a person that does these type of things and puts his heart and soul into it — and it’s effective, as the Grammys would indicate — you want to be compensated for what you do. But it’s really not about money. It’s really about the future of the music business, and not wasting anyone’s time. I don’t ever want to sit in a seat just to sit in a seat. I could be off doing something else that’s beneficial to the future of the music business as well as myself. So it’s not about money! I mean, you couldn’t pay me enough. And I don’t mean that in a cocky way.


I was listening to my homies Wendy Williams and C Tha God and they were going IN on Lil’ Wayne. I mean, they had some justified critiques of the rapper. They charged him with being a serious detriment to our society by essentially admitting to certain things. Here are some quotes.

Lil’ Wayne on his street authenticity:

“If you are talking about rap and beef, I’m the wrong person to talk to. I am from New Orleans. Cut your televisions on. You know where I’m from. I’m from the murder capital, ma. Beef is a different thing there. I have four teardrops on my face and I have to look my mom in her eye every day. I can’t lie to her. F### what they think and f### what the world thinks, we real. My mom is real. The first day I got a teardrop I lied. I called her and asked her can I get a teardrop tattoo, but I had already got it.” She said, “When you get it, come by me so I can see how you look with it, cause I was thinking about getting one my f#####’ self.” “We don’t play. No, I’m not gonna rap about you man, I will murder you, your family, your child, a newborn, I don’t give a f###. I could never go to hell cause I’ma take over, b####.”

[Illseed note: This just sounds like tomfoolery to me. Why did Wayne move to Miami? He should be rebuilding his “murder capital.” Last year he wouldn’t go to Philly because cops took his gun. 50 Cent should promptly watch his back. Why are people these days so ignorant?]

Charlamagne the God, Wendy’s Co-Host said”:

“I call him [Lil Wayne] p***y because only a p####, during an interview with a national publication, would say he would kill a child or a newborn baby! Let me refocus, if I’m a teenager whose brain is not fully developed and I’m following a jackass like Lil Wayne, I’m going to want to join a gang. I’m going to drink my syrup all day and I’m going to look for someone to kill for no reason, possibly a newborn baby because Wayne said he would and he’s the best rapper alive! “

[Illseed note: why do men insult the female anatomy when insulting other men?]


My homey Tif hit me up about that chick that got beat down in B-more. There is more to the story. I don’t know who to believe.

I don’t know what to believe on this story: “woman beaten on bus”. the kids say she dropped the ‘N’ bomb and spit on them– I don’t know who to believe especially since I know the 27 bus route (goes by my mom’s crib) and that 30 people on a crowded bus wouldn’t let that chick get beat down for nothing. Not saying its right– if that’s the case but maybe a necessary evil…


He sesm to suggest something happened, but he is good. I like this dude. Loving the flashes of Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad as well. Of course Scarface was there. Check it out!


This is what NBC left out. Okay so last week I told you about a hip-hop roundtable discussion that NBC did with Irv Gotti, Melissa Ford, Kevin Powell and Kendra G. Like I said the discussion lasted for over an hour but NBC edited it down to 9 mins! Check out what NBC left out…Irv Gotti talking about SUPERHEAD… this is crazy!


Who remembers the homey D.V. Alias Khrist? He’s been around, but very much out of the limelight. Rumor has it, he’s getting signed with G-Unit.

Just as Jay-Z announces his New Year’s Eve concert, I heard that Nas is going to do a Christmas concert.

I heard Mya got dropped and I was wrong. Now, I am hearing that Amerie has been hacked off Sony. This is a rumor. I wouldn’t be mad if she got dropped as long as she went somewhere else.

I’m hearing that “Journey Man” is getting cancelled. I like that show. I really only caught it, because it comes on after “Heroes.” OH WELL.


And DJ Skee is another one of them doing their thing!

Here are links to a couple others that should be noted: American Zeppellin (by DJ Doc Rok) and American Gangster Opera (by Grinehouse)


Here is a video of 50 Cent just addressing just about everything from Cam’ron to Jim Jones to Diddy to Fat Joe to just about everything under the son. This is an edit version of a 40 minute interview. They go all the way in…man!



At the House of Blues in Los Angeles…


His name is Lou$tar and he’s pretty cool. That girl Shia in the video more than does her thing too. I’m not bad. Check out Lou getting his “House Party” act on. For some reason, this seems like an advocacy for teen sex! My bad Lou!


X-Mas came early!

Coming to a theatre near you: “Young Black Jesus: Coming of Age.”

How did Young Chris pull Lil’ Kim?


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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