Hip-Hop Rumors: Bump J FREE!?! Jim Jones’ Reality Show? Mike Jones’ Shame!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! Hip-Hop Rumors: Janet & Mariah: The Scoop! Juelz’s Cut Weeds! Eddie Murphy Divorced! Joell Not Dropped!!! THE NEWS RUN DOWN Simmons Family Welcomes New Baby Pastor […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Janet & Mariah: The Scoop! Juelz’s Cut Weeds! Eddie Murphy Divorced! Joell Not Dropped!!!


Simmons Family Welcomes New Baby

Pastor Troy, Rick Ross Dispute Over Roy Jones Jr. Fight (LOL)

Wyclef: “Michael Jackson Owes Me Money” (LOL part 2)

Details Emerge In Boot Camp’s Rock’s Attempted Murder Charge

Indiana U Students Form First Hip-Hop Frat

Foxy Brown Appeals For Her Freedom, Health

David Banner, Ice Cube Star In ‘The Comeback’



I was all hyped up to see Jim Jones in the reality show they were filming on VH1, but I don’t know what’s become of it. It is going around that there was tension between Jim and the producers of the show. There is no such thing as a true reality show, but there is something called “scripted reality.” That’s what Run and the family do. And that works for some, but Jim Jones is the real deal. I heard he just wasn’t with the script and wasn’t able to flip it to fit his mode of operation. All the filming is supposedly done, but the editing is very tricky with a reality-based stickler like Jim Jones the Capo.


I’ll never forget bumpin’ Chicagorilla, Bump J’s mixtape. I was waiting for the official album. And,  guess what? I never got it. Well, now Bump J has formally revealed to me that he has been granted a release from Atlantic Records. Apparently, Bump went through a series of legal matters that prevented him from breaking out of the Chi. I have been told that there is no longer any beef with Twista and he’s working with NO I.D. The new mixtape is called “Dinner Time” and you can get a peek right here http://myspace.com/CHICAGORILLABUMP.

Shout out to the Goons!

JAY-Z AND CONSEQUENCE BATTLE!Speaking of Chicago, Kanye’s homey GLC hosts this clash of wits as Brookyn Vs Queens in a game of Connect 4. That’s right, Connect 4. First, it was Beyonce Vs Kanye and now its…CONSEQUENCE (QUEENS) VS JIGGA MAN (BK)!See who won!


Apparently the UK writers weren’t all happy about the way things where handled, but I think that Def Jam was on point. In this era, a cell phone can  = a leak. Here is what somebody said:

It was so deep, you were officially not allowed to actually leave your seat while they played tracks – not even to go to the toilet. Then you had to hand your lyric sheets back into the door goons like it was school assembly or summin. Why are American’s so over the top? I mean, is there any need? All phones and everything were also confiscated…


Well, not exactly. They just decided to issue a joint press statement on why they aren’t together.

“After much consideration and discussion, we have jointly decided that we will forego having a legal ceremony as it is not necessary to define our relationship further. While the recent symbolic union in Bora Bora was representative of our deep love, friendship and respect that we have for one another on a spiritual level, we have decided to remain friends.”

On top of it all, I heard somebody is thinking about selling the video of the broken couple for the grand sum of $1 million and has been offered about $50,000. Nobody will pay a mill for that, but maybe he can get a pair of Volkswagsons out of the deal.


This isn’t even a rumor, but I included it, because I found it interesting. A trio of DEA agents have filed a $62 million lawsuit against the movie house that created the hit movie “American Gangster.” The agents charge that they and hundreds of others had their reps irreparably damaged from their portrayal in the movie. They say that it was a falsehood that between Frank Lucas and Officer Roberts all these cops and agents were busted doing illegal acts in the movie. So they filed a defamation lawsuit against the movie studio. There were convictions!


Fat Joe on saying bad words:

“N***a, b####, hoe / some chicks is b######, some chicks is hoes … Now who gonna tell me I can’t say n***a?” (From the song “Fugitive.”) (Illseed note: somebody from the Bronx told me its not only normal, but acceptable for Fat Joe, because of where he hails from. When is Rev. Al going to comment?)

Lupe Fiasco in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly:

“When the gangbangers would try to pull it, I was like, ‘Yo, I will f**k you up. And if you wanna call your cousin, call him. I’ll call me! I’ll call me right now.’ We were shooting TEC-9s when we were babies, so the whole gangsta image, that ain’t nothing.”

Bob Johnson says, “Shorry, Obama.” Like Lisa Lisa, “Apology not accepted! (old head reference.)”

“I’m writing to apologize to you and your family personally for the un-called-for comments I made at a recent Clinton event,” Johnson said in a statement. “In my zeal to support Senator Clinton, I made some very inappropriate remarks for which I am truly sorry. I hope that you will accept this apology. Good luck on the campaign trail.”


Check out these two unreleased Nas videos for “These Are Our Heroes” and “Unofficial Autobiography of Rakim.”


There used to be a saying, “We’ve got to do better.” This applies to this Mike Jones video, which uses animated cartoon vixens instead of real ones. Somebody give me his # and email so I can holla! How is Buffy the Body gonna have a plan B with fake vid babes?


Four photographers were arrested for recklessly following Britney Spears. They were arrested for driving poorly. They need a new law, before they kill that girl. They are now saying that Britney Spears has multiple personalities. Finally, something me and Brit have in common.

Save the birthplace of Hip-Hop! Go to www.save1520.org and offer something to these people! Rich rap heads, show up with your wallets.

My girl Amy Winehouse is in the rumors again. They say her hubby is threatening her with divorce, because she spent some time with Mark Ronson. Nothing worse than a jailhouse hater.

Lil Wayne might be headed to the UK for a 6-show tour in the earliest part of the spring. What could stop it? Money, of course. They are supposedly working it out.

So, De La Hoya didn’t learn the first time? Rumor has it, De La and Money Mayweather are setting up a rematch of their first fight. It might even be made at this point and Mayweather’s father, Floyd Sr., isn’t training Oscar this time.

If you want to see the full movie of that clip I played, its from a film called “Zeitgeist” and you can get the whole thing right here.

Shout out to Lily Allen. A sad rumor coming down is that she lost her baby has a result of a miscarriage. Prayers are with you.


My homey Jye sent me this. I almost didn’t open it and then I said, “Jye wouldn’t send me any BS.” Sure enough, we are looking at a star by the name of Gabi Wilson.” I can’t verify that Alicia Keys’ back is got. This girl is coming up fast.


I know the relatives of Christopher Columbus are mad right now. There is proofs that the sailor did more that instigate the country jacking from the natives. A new genetic report suggests very strongly that Columbus ushered syphilis to Europe from American. I don’t know what Columbus was tapping in America, but he took it to the homies. The report appears in the Public Library of Science Neglected Tropical Diseases. The report says that Columbus’ disease shows up chronologically in several forms, including the bones of ancient skeletons.


I really have to step my clothing game up. Any stylists, please dress me.

People often ask me how I do these rumors every day, day in and day out. We’ll I had five Tyra’s for interns, but I fired them all. I am replacing them with six Lauren Londons. Here is a photoshoot for America’s Next Top Model.

“Can I have my bolero hat back please?”


(Warning: this is a long one and that’s why it is last.) I used to be in love with Dawn from EnVogue like Phife, but she went and got married. Now, she went and got divorced and her husband has gone off on his myspace page. I don’t know what anybody did to set him off, but he sure went OFF. Peep the post:

Dawn Robinson’s ex put her on blast in a Myspace bulletin. This guy basically summed her up as a swinging washed-up diva that needs a reality check:

“First & foremost, I would hardly EVER respond to sh*t talking from anyone but today I make an exception. These two ASS HOLES have gone on a rampage to destroy my name today while no one was even THINKING about them. If you read the blog comments, I was referred to by Dawn’s sister as a transvestite f**king homosexual who beats women & has sex with every woman he meets! Wow…gay but has sex with every woman I meet…LOL…this sh*t is a laugh! Well…since she felt the need to have her sister & a few of her closest friends come over here let me give you all the REAL reason why I left Dawn’s ass!!!

One…she was signed up to p#### sites & wanted to swing with other couples…before I got involved with her she admitted to sleeping with 17 men in one month from one swinging site…I GAVE HER THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT & THOUGHT SHE WAS JUST REALLY COMPENSATING FOR ALOT OF INSECURITY! I stayed. THEN…she NAGGED the s### out of me day in & day out because I was always busy & she didn’t know enough about the business to just get her own s### done…NO…she wanted to be a f***ing DIVA & complain about EVERY f***ing thing that I DID set up like she was still BEYONCE! NOBODY was checkin for her ass when I was with her! NOBODY hardly would book shows unless she was in En Vogue…I side busted & got their a#### back together but the only ones who knew what they were doing was the other 3 members of the group! THEY were the smart ones!

They knew how to get s### done & book shows but I had to always appease Dawn’s ass & say…”no, you’re right baby…those old tired b###### ain’t nothing without you”…S###…she is quite literally THE stupidest person I have ever met…I fell out of love with her…I left her…now these IDIOTS are coming to my page trying to destroy my name with my fans??? HOW DARE YOU!!! You don’t want to dance with me! Why? Because I dont give a F**K! Your record is PUBLIC! You got kicked out of En Vogue & they didn’t even want to FACE you because you are the most DIFFICULT person in the world to deal with! They left you sitting at a photo shoot for the last album & didn’t tell you where they were at shooting the EV3 cover without you…remember that???

Raphael Saadiq kicked you out of Lucy Pearl because your attitude jeapordized an operation he worked HARD to get off the ground…and HE didn’t even face you…you found out you got kicked out on the RADIO!! Ask yourself why Dawn…because…you’re a phony, nagging, complaining, two faced, spoiled rotten B####!!!!! We haven’t even STARTED talking about your deal with Dr. Dre! What happened there Dawn? He BOOTED you before you even started because he saw your mouth a mile away! You dug this grave for yourself! Now here is a warning…keep my name out of your mouth & keep your friends & family members OFF of my myspace page”


Kool G Rap was killin’ ‘em back in the day. Biggie and Pun knew! “Road to the Riches”

Saigon and Kool G Rap – “The Letter P” (MICROWAVE HEAT)

“Ill Street Blues”

“On The Run”

This is possibly the illest G Rap video.

Kool G Rap and Nas – “Fast Life”


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