Hip-Hop Rumors: Cam’Ron Disses Mase, But Why?



Welp! It would seem like MFs are sending shots at each other left and right these days. Most fall off and say it was a misstatement like Nicki claiming that her line “f**k a Pusha” actually said “f**k a push-up.” RIGHT. Anyway, Cam’ron has never been one to mince his words and when he goes in, he stays in. Pause. But, the latest victim is Mase. On the new song with Jim Jones and Lil Tunechi, Cam’ron struck! Its only a have a bar, but here it is.

Now, Mase and Cam have a long history. They used to rap together and all that, but why is Cam letting a round off at his former homie? Not a good look for Mase’s so-called comeback.