Hip-Hop Rumors: Cam’ron Sighting! Dirty Drama! Did or Didn’t Mistah Fab get Robbed?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.MY DAILY TWO CENTS I’m still taking it easy, y’all even thought I’ve basically written something every day. Yesterday, I wrote a editorial on my Person of the Year! […]

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.MY DAILY TWO CENTS I’m still taking it easy, y’all even thought I’ve basically written something every day. Yesterday, I wrote a editorial on my Person of the Year! I kept it sooooo simple and to the point. Read it right here: G.W. Bush: Illseed’s Person of the Year   Other than that…check out a few rumors! CAMRON SIGHTING! I heard Cam’ron is chillin’ like a villain! Somebody hit me up an told me that Killa was recently spotted at Six Flags riding roller coasters and whatnot. They also told me that he was back at the pool of some hotel with some super thick babes. Only thing is, I am not sure where this Six Flags is…the only one I know of is on the East Coast and it’s too cold for all that this time of year. DIRTY AWARDS AFTERMATH? I don’t know what’s going on now, but I heard that there might be some trouble in the streets of the A over the Dirty Awards. You know what happened. Factions of T.I.’s Grand Hustle and Shawty Lo’s D4L got into a major fight. Well, I heard that situation might still be going on in the streets. I heard that one of T.I.’s muscle men might have been involved in a shoot out of some sort. This dude is pretty talented so I hope the talk is just that. NOT A RUMOR …ANOTHER RAPPER DEADI got a rumor that a rapper named Tru Sosa was found dead right before the new year came in, according to reports. The rapper was down with C-Murder and seemingly spent the New Year’s celebration all by himself. The only thing is that he didn’t kill himself and police reportedly say he was offed with a shot to the head. Police have speculated that there was some dispute over drugs, but they haven’t released anything definitive. They found him at 12:15 am after a neighbor called the police to tell them they heard gunshots. I haven’t been able to verify this factually so there is hope it is a hoax.FAIZON EXPLAINS WHY HE DISSED FUNK MASTER FLEX He tells it at about 2:37 in the video.



OR DID HE…? Look at this video…

Did they make up a chain to say the robbed FAB or did Fab get a new one? SOULJA BOY GOT HIS HOME INVADED? They robbed them “fawk boys” or did they?

RUN DOWN OF KATT AND STEVE HARVEY My girl Ashley gave me the 100% thorough run-down of the Katt Williams and Steve Harvey beef. LOL. Beef? They need Biggie to run down “What’s beef.” Anyway, take it away Ash: Hey illseed, I was at the Katt Williams Steve Harvey show last night in detroit… besides Katt getting cut short it was a pretty decent show… It actually started right on time (9:00), but ran late which is why (im assuming) they cut Katt short… they had a gut do a tribute to luther vandross which was really good and some comedian i havent heard of (and dont remember today) do a set then Steve came out… he was funny but it kinda seemed forced, like you could kinda tell he aint really wanna be there it was just another pay check… plus he spent half his set talking about this lady that was sitting in the front row… now she did look crazy and was acting real weird but it was a bit much… when security tried to kick her out cause she wouldnt shut up Steve did stand up for her tho… he also kept talking about the set up of the venue and how f*cked up it was cause it was in a big ass circle… and he kept saying he was an original king of comedy so he funny regardless of whether or not we were laughing at him… after he did about an hour, there was supposed to be a twenty minute intermission which turned into like forty-five so Katt didnt even hit the stage til like 11:45… now the show was advertised as like a comedy championship between the underground king (Katt) and the original king of comedy (steve) but Steve wasnt really playing into all that… he just told some jokes and talked about how he wasnt feeling the set up cause it was like a boxing match with ppl on all sides of him… when Katt came out he played into the whole battle thing and had his robe and belt and all that, he even took off his coat and threw it into the crowd… When he started his set Katt went real hard at Steve calling him B#### made and talking about how he cant be the original king of comedy because he wasnt the first… and how we should all ask for our money back cause Steve took so much time talking about the lady in the front row… He was also going hard on T-Pin about the BET awards and how he came down to the video shoot the next day and confronted the n#### and he got on his bus like a little b#### and drove off… Katt was hilarious for the few minutes he was up there, which I honestly had been a little worried about because sometimes he is hilarious and sometimes its just chuckles… but he was telling s### that wasnt on his last dvd so it was pretty straight… im thinkin there were some die hard steve fans there tho cause you heard a few boos when he was talking about him in the beginning… they stopped the thing at midnight so we could all count down and then Katt told a few more jokes then you just started seeing mad ppl leaving and Katt said they told him he had to stop it was about 12:15 at this point… I know the show was supposed to be over before midnight but it wasnt our fault (or Katt’s) that the other s### ran late… so Katt apologized that he aint get to do his full show and we all left… Anyways it would have been better if they hadnt made Katt get off the stage so early but was still worth the money that my friend paid for the tickets… atleast to me it was lol… anyways have a happy new year and i hope your night went as good as mine did! Lol SHELZ GOT THE VIDEO! A New King of Comedy? So that big comedy championship “fight” went down last night between Steve Harvey and Katt Williams in Detroit after all that back and forth between them in the days leading up to it. Well actually it was just Katt dissin folks for the most part. Jamie Foxx added to the mix by saying that Katt hadn’t written a new joke in years and his cohorts on Foxxhole Radio really gave lil man hell. That led me to believe that everyone was rooting for Steve right? Well, according to my folks in Detroit, Steve would have been better off calling in sick because Katt came in with an entire set of new material and went straight for Steve’s jugular. They also said Steve was the one with the recycled material. The Rock City consensus is there is a new King of Comedy and his name is Katt Williams. Shouts to TheAlexJ0nesChannel for the footage and my boy Darkside for the info. PSA… If you have vertigo or any type of motion illness, I’d suggest you not watch the first video. And lol@ole dude filming this getting busted.


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