Hip-Hop Rumors: Cassie Takes Another L? The Lox Go Back To Bad Boy? Illseed’s R&B Date!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.THE DAILY TWO SENSE I want to say Thank You to BET for the BET Hip-Hop Award! Yes! Illseed.com won an award for the best blog! What? I didn’t […]



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.THE DAILY TWO SENSE

I want to say Thank You to BET for the BET Hip-Hop Award! Yes! Illseed.com won an award for the best blog! What? I didn’t win? AllHiphop Won the BET Award? Well, damn! Congrats to the whole site then and me too since I am a part of it. I wish I could have gone on TV and gotten wild like Lill Wayne with a hundred people.


The other day, Diddy got caught red-handed…or is that brown-handed? Anyway, Diddy was seen coming out of the terrace of a hotel and he appeared to be having a “night cap.” Dude had a towel around his waist like he was tapping something. In the background emerged his lady…or was it? No, it wasn’t his girl friend Cassie. It was his ex-girl and mother of his kids, Kim Porter back there in plain sight in some night clothing. Yeahhhhhhh….oh man. Casse has some decisions to make now. She’s had a crazy year and this is not the way she wanted it to go. How do I know? I don’t but I am assuming and assuming doesn’t make as a$$ out of me this time.

Anyway, maybe there is something that we don’t know!

This is about to get interesting.


From what I understand, Trae Tha Truth go banned because he dissed a jock of the radio station in question.

Anyway, you may have seen the BET Hip-Hop Awards last night. There was something missing though. Missy screamed on Diddy about owing her some money…BET edited that out. LOL!

I heard T-Dot is super hype that he won a BET Award last night! And they should!


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JAY CANCELS ON THE YANKEESSo a lot of people in Ohio were p##### when they heard Jay was going to be performing for the opening game of the World Series tonight.  Why?  He’s supposed to be performing at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus.  They were considering doing the Yankee game then hoppin a private jet to Ohio but they’ve decided to just move the Yankee performance to Thursday.

COMING SOONCheck out this sneak peak of 50’s video for Baby By Me feat illseeds ex-squeeze Kelly Rowland:

and here’s the trailer for “Before I Self Destruct” if my memory serves me correctly this will come with the album along with a DVD about Jam Master Jay:

ON TO THE NEXT ONEAfter breaking up with his H.S. sweetheart 6 months ago (she was the inspiration for “Break Up”) Mario has moved on.  He’s been rumored to be dating Audra Simmons of the group Rich Girl.  The two have been seen out and about for a few weeks now but word is they are getting pretty “hot and heavy”.  They met when Rich Girl opened for Mario on his promo tour and she is starring in both of the videos he’s shot.

LEAVE T.I. ALONEJim Jones tweeted about Lil Wayne getting a year for gun possesion and threw a shot at T.I. in the process…he wrote Thts crazy lil Wayne gets a year for a hand pistol and ti gets the same time for having army issued rifles wit silencers U tell me“…hmmmmmm…he does have a point but in NY if you get caught with a handgun you automatically get 3 1/2 years so Weezy definietly got off easy.

LOX BACK WITH DIDDYRemember when I told you Diddy wanted the LOX back?? Word is they are seriously considering an offer from Puff for a one album deal.  Kiss sounds like he’s already made up his mind and it sounds like they are just working out the details.  IDK if this will be a good look but we need another LOX album so more power to them. 


About 20 employees at the Brian McKnight Show (yes Brian Mcknight has a talk show) have filed a complaint against the production company claiming they are owed $86,300

in wages.  Executives at the show say they will be paying everyone real

soon.  Apparently they were having some trouble when they started but

now they have new investors and it’s all gravy.CORMEGA CLARIFIESSome excerpts from an interview Cormega did were floating around the net last week and it seemed like he was saying he didn’t like Drake because he was rich before rap and he should go do something else.  Well he has elaborated on the situation saying he was answering a question about Drake rapping “some street thug sh*t” after the interviewer read him some of Drakes “gangsta” lyrics.  He didn’t intend to diss Drake nor did he mean to say only people from the ghetto should be rapping.

I’M JUST SAYIN’RiRi has found a new friend in Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitts ex and Rachel from Friends … they’ve been getting closeKid Cudi says Kanye is cool and may even be working on an album … Im praying for more Late Registration than 808’s

Plies, who usually doesn’t feature rappers on his album, recently recorded a song with “a cat that’s real, real big in Atlanta”…hmmmmm I’m hearing it’s JeezyJ. Lo’s first husband is working on a comedic documentary about how he met and married pre-fame Jennifer Lopez

When Diddy was 4 and his mothers friends used to hold him he would pretend to be asleep all the while “enjoying the way it felt to lay on a pair of beautiful breasts” … he also used to watch a lot of Midnight Blue

YES!!!!!!  I dont have to be ashamed to LOVE Fergie’s Big Girls Don’t Cry anymore … Hov says “I would sing it really loud no matter where I was at in the gym, nd I

know a couple other guys were singing and they won’t say it, but I’m

man enough to say [it]”Peace – CHANCECDR @ Twitter and Gmail



D-Nice is one genuinely nice guy from what I have been able to determine. He’s what I call A Legend on the Low. He’s a renaissance man. A rapper/photographer/DJ and recently a husband. And this is where the ugly rumor starts. I have received intel from a bitty birdie that D-Nice and his wife actress Malinda Williams are experiencing sever difficulties and may be starting at divorce. There are other details, but I’m a fan of Nice and hope the rumor turns out of be false.





I heard Fabolous was in the middle of doin’ his “Throw It In The Bag” Remix in Boston (Oct. 26) when the concert people thought he was going too long. What did they do? They just started Pitbull’s set! The CROWD was not happy at all!


And Fab did what is customary these days…he took it to Twitter!


myfabolouslife: RT @jennjenn320: @myfabolouslife #shouldbillegal for fab to get cut short!!!we want fab!


myfabolouslife: RT @Tatianaxcutie: @myfabolouslife we want fab, we want fab, we want fab, we want fab!!! You did your thing please come back to Boston


myfabolouslife: RT @RICHYUNGSTAR: They just turned @myfabolouslife mic off while havin the best performance, for the night, and put Pitbul on stage, wow


myfabolouslife: RT @keegee1230: @myfabolouslife: I left the buildin since they want 2 cut ur set…what afterparty are u headed 2!!!


myfabolouslife: RT @MissDeno: @myfabolouslife wouldnt be sittin at MonsterJam if it wasnt for FABOLOUS!! u made the show, we love you!!


myfabolouslife: RT @MiszBeautyMark: I’m so mad they cuz @myfabolouslife off staqe when he was about 2 do throw it n the baq remix 🙁 I love you fab




Houston radio station 97.9 the Box is banning the playing of Trae the Truth or any music associated with him. I am hearing that his songs will no longer be played and any songs that he has been featured on will not be played unless his verses are edited off. Apparently his music is deemed to violent and unsavory in the Houston community since the shooting at the Trae Day Event. Didn’t they honor dude with his own day for the last few years? Backstabbers! Dude just had a lil baby too!




I really don’t know the nature of Lil Wayne or Toya’s relationship, but it would seem that Toya is in tune with everything coming down the pipeline. Nah, I’m kidding. Her new man gave her a present and she happily accepted:



Source: theybf




Jay-Z’s face says it all. I wonder if this is what he wanted?



I heard the food cost them $1,200. Must be nice! They left soon after being photographed.




I thought I would give everybody a damn BREAK from the signs the world is coming to an end, but I guess not! These freaking people keep acting fool. Here is the latest from the Associated Press:


Police believe as many as a dozen people watched a 15-year-old girl get beaten and gang-raped outside her high school homecoming dance without reporting it.


Two suspects were in custody Monday, but police said as many as five other men attacked the girl over a two-hour period Friday night outside Richmond High School.


“She was raped, beaten, robbed and dehumanized by several suspects who were obviously OK enough with it to behave that way in each other’s presence,” Lt. Mark Gagan said. “What makes it even more disturbing is the presence of others. People came by, saw what was happening and failed to report it.”


What is going on!? I know I am far from a high schooler, but what is in the Kool Aid at this school in Cali to make people at this way?




I could NOT let this dude get away! This guy was arrested for drinking in public or something, but they should have arrested him for coming out of the house looking like THIS:


Click here to comment on this poor bum.




If you didn’t know, I get some help with the rumors from CHANCE. The rest of the rumors is from the homey and he speaks his own mind and own views. These are not necessarily that of illseed.com or AllHipHop.com. CHUUUUUUCH!


IT HAS BEGUN!!!!!!President Obama has officially

declared the Swine Flu outbreak a national emergency.  This official

classification will allow hospitals to go “off-site” to treat victims

and will make the vaccine a lot more accessible.  In the U.S. alone

1,000 people have died from the disease including 100 kids and 46

states have widespread flu activity.  I still dont know if I should be

suspicious of all this hoopla or if it’s really in the publics best

interest but after seeing that girl who can only walk backwards after receiving the shot I think I’d rather get the Swine Flu.


…but who isn’t nowadays.  Even 50 Cent, who recently ran up a $123,000

bar tab in the UK, has been hit by the recession.  He says it’s so bad

that he can’t even buy diamonds as regularly as he used to.  He even

has to sell old pieces before he buys new ones.  But 50 isn’t letting

the credit crunch get him down … that’s just how the game goes … he

says “If you don’t lose money in this recession it means you didn’t


enough to start off with. Sure, I lost a few million but that’s because

I have so much.”


For gods sake can we just go back to WATCHING shows … every time you

turn around someone is jumping on someone elses stage and it’s not

always pretty.  The other day Atlanta rapper Donnis was in NY

performing for a CMJ event and an audience member decided to jump up on

stage (2:15).  After Donnis’s manager (shouts to Dan) tries to get the guy off the

stage he sucker punches him and all hell breaks loose.  Donnis is a

pretty cool easy going guy and so is his manager … but he definitely



like Luda may have a new squeeze in Oscar nominated actress Taraji P.

Henson.  The two have been spotted at events and spent this weekend

together in DC celebrating Howard Universities homecoming (Taraji is an

alumni).  Word is they shared a luxury suite while in town.  I think

they look good together.  Also shout out to Luda for flexing some

political muscle, while in DC he hosted a fundraising dinner for his

charity before flying back to Atlanta to help Kasim Reed become mayor of The

(original) A.


Al Sharpton awarded Joe Jackson for his parenting skills in Harlem the

other day.  He says he cant believe people are “arrogant” enough to

criticize Joe for being a strict parent and even wished for more

“stern” parents saying “then we wouldn’t be

shooting each other up.”  He does have a point though … a lot of

these kids are in desperate need of an a** whooping nowadays … can I

get an AMEN???

I’M JUST SAYIN’Sony, who

already owns most of Michael Jacksons music before 2004, is close to

closing a deal with the estate for the 70 songs he recorded after ’04

… but word is his representatives are flirting with Universal as well

… They are waiting to see how well the movie does to use as much

leverage as possible.

Looks like Wayne is going to have to cut his signature dreadlocks

… New York State inmates cant have long hair unless it’s in cornrows

and even then not past the neckAside from being featured in

Beyonce’s top secret video for “Video Phone” … Lady GaGa will

collaborate with Mrs. Carter on a song called “Telephone” produced by


Chris Brown is really starting to get pathetic … she has definitely moved on you might want to tooKhloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom got each others first initial tattooed on their hands … this better be permanent or else he’s gonna be writing some pretty big checks

Lil Boosie already has an album and DVD ready to drop when he

finishes his bid … he also says he’s not into the “lyrical thing”

when it comes to music he perfers straight real talk…Jay-Z and Alicia Keys will perform “Empire State Of Mind” tomorrow for the start of the World Series

Hov jumped on the virtual 1’s and 2’s at the DJ Hero Launch party the other day:


If you thought skin tight jeans were pushing this metro-sexual thing

too far your gonna HATE what’s up next.  Guys have started wearing

skirts.  Apparantely this is a fad amongst the urban youth in Japan and

they say it might start catching on.  They are known as “skirt boys”

and want to make it clear this is not cross dressing…they say:

“Cross-dressers are people who want to be girls. I’m not wearing this

because it’s what girls wear, but because I like the line and the

texture of the material.”

SMH … I pray this doesn’t hit the states but who knew guys would be wearing spandex…i mean skinny jeans…one day


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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