CHAKA OF DTP AND T.I. FIGHT OVER BRUNCH?Diddy told you that we won’t stop, NAH! We won’t stop fighting each other, baby! Anyway, I’m sad to be the bearer of bad rumors, but over the weekend there was drama, from what I hear. Warner executive Kevin Liles gave a bunch of his friends and fam […]

CHAKA OF DTP AND T.I. FIGHT OVER BRUNCH?Diddy told you that we won’t stop, NAH! We won’t stop fighting each other, baby! Anyway, I’m sad to be the bearer of bad rumors, but over the weekend there was drama, from what I hear. Warner executive Kevin Liles gave a bunch of his friends and fam brunch as a preclude to the BET Awards. Well, things seemed like they were going to go well until T.I. and Chaka Zulu from DTP came into contact. If you didn’t know, Luda and T.I. have a long-running feud that has calmed down in recent years. However, if you didn’t notice, the two have been lightly going back and forth in other media outlets – soft jabs. I don’t know exactly how it went down, but Chaka and T.I. had an altercation at this brunch. Somebody said they were “thumping,” which sounds like a real fisticuffs. I guess Chaka was riding for the homey and, Tip came out to ride for T.I. More on this should emerge as we move on. So, lets move on…On the positive note, shout out to Kevin Liles for being invited to the presidents’ Black Music Month celebration. I’m not the biggest fan of ol’ Bush, but I’m down with anybody that raises the status of Hip-Hop. That means, I’m down with KL, not the other homey. Kudos to Kevin Liles on that one. SUPERHEAD IS BACK!I think Superhead is about to drop a new book, because she is starting to get a lot of press. On her official website, she has been dropping hints all over the place. First, in her last video, she says to a sleeping Bobby Brown, “I’m sick of this s**t” and that she’s going to Miami for “Weezy.” The new video, she constantly makes references to her “baby” and his blunts, shoes and all his other stuff over her Miami hotel. At the end, she says his name. This is clearly promotio, but in a soap opera way. I’m not mad. Now, the quest is” How gangsta is Trina. Trina is the “baddest b***h” and the “Diamond princess.” I personally don’t think she should do anything, but keep her dignity. Somehow, I think somebody is gonna cut Karrine Superhead. But, if Kool G Rap’s Ma Barker didn’t do it, maybe she’ll survive.Oh, yeah – Superhead’s second book is done and she has started on a third. As KRS-One said, “Rappers (reputations) are in danger!”JAY-Z CUSSES HIS HOMEBOY OUTKansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson and rapper extraordinaire Jay-Z are close friends, not new news to Jay-Z fans. The rapper recently got heated at ol’ Larry for doing a video. Here, he explains to ESPN:  “He definitely did that. Between me and you, he definitely didn’t want me to do that Fantasia video. I definitely got cussed out for that one. He told me there were a lot of things he wanted to do, but he couldn’t do them. He said, ‘You gotta be able to look at yourself as a business, as stock, and the less things you do, the more people will have interest in you. The more things you do, you water down your value.’”I’m not sure if I see the logic, because Jay-Z does a lot, like that Rhianna rap on “Umbrella,” Vanity Fair, the new T.I. song and that MTV Movie Awards appearance. I think I get it though, but my stock goes up the more I do.FOXY – GOOD LORD!Foxy Brown got beat down by a gang of nappy-headed hoes! These were literally hoes from what I understand, but ain’t a damn thing funny. The Daily News says Fox dumped her boyfriend after finding out that he’s a pimp and I don’t mean the 50 Cent/Snoop pimp-type. According to the report, she dropped him upon discovery of his pimp life. He sicced his prostitute s#### on our girl Foxy and they accosted her. According to the report, these skeezers – upon command – yanked out Foxy’s hearing aid, tore her hair weave and took her $500 pocketbook. Three vs one! If I was there, I would have had to fight those hoes – word. Anyway, Roshawn Anthony has the unique ability to call Foxy Brown his ex. Foxy reported the attack to the cops and her man was arrested at charged with assault. OH YEAH- THAT T.I. SONGSpeaking of that T.I. song, “Watch What You Say,” people are saying he might be going at Lil’ Wayne on there. On the song, Jay says stuff like, “Put you all in your place like I’m replacing your father.” And “My DNA is in your music.” My boy Chris has that Jay-Z tattoo, but what I didn’t know is that Lil’ Wayne also has a Jay-Z tat too! Anyway, as Joe Budden says, “I don’t response to a sublime.” Lets hear some names! It was all good just a couple years ago when Lil’ Wayne was rumored to be going over to Def Jam inside the Jay-Z empire. TYRESE – SORRY!Last week, there were these weird rumors about Tyrese professing his love to Brandy Norwood, sister of Ray-J. (Notice how I flipped it? Before it was “ain’t that Brandy’s brother? But now, Ray-J is the star. If homemade p##### makes you a star, Ray is that ninja.) Anyway, Tyrese wasn’t proposing to Brandy. I guess, Bran Bran was in the room or something, but he was asking his girlfriend to be his wife, according to rumors. Yep! He took a knee and everything. I had a friend that tried to propose to his girl by putting her engagement ring in a glass of champagne. Well, the surprise was on him when she didn’t see it and drank the ring. You don’t want know what happened next. Yuck. ANYWAY – congrats to Tyrese!THE GAME ARRESTED?Over the weekend, The Game was arrested and released from police custody. Over what? I have no idea, but he was able to make Power 106’s Powerhouse on Saturday. Here he is clowning over the big day.SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END

In Columbia, South Carolina, they are on something altogether different. Police are looking into a couple’s death after they were found dead and naked on a street. They were doing the nasty on the roof and apparently fell off. Their clothing was found on the roof. Not to make light of this, but their name were Brent Tyler and Chelsea Tumbleston (pretty ironic name), both 21 years old. Now, police say they both worked at Wild Wing Café attempted to have sex on the roof, which was pyramid shaped. So foul play. Just a 50-foot fall. They must have been into trisexual intercourse, they’d try anything. Rest in peace.ILLSEED’S QUICKIESCam’ron has been seen wearing a “Curtis Jackson” t-shirt. Why? I thought that beef was over.Tyra Banks has shot down that there is a sex tape of her. So did Kim Kardashian so we’ll see! NBC knew that $1 million for that Paris Hilton interview wasn’t it. The company has rescinded the offer, but source say it never, ever existed. Paris gets out TODAY! After the myspace show out in Chicago, I heard TI might have run into a bit of a blip with some “folks,” but it was all good. Twista’s Speedknot Mobsta helped smooth it all out. I heard there won’t be any male gay hosts on “The View.” Looks like Whoopi just got a job, according to rumors. Russell Simmon – still married to Kimora – has confirmed that he’s dating a yoga guru by the name of Porshla.Hill has acquired new management and is looking to make the supreme return to Hip-Hop we’re all waiting for.Remember that affiliate of Nick Cannon down with Aubrey from Danity Kane? I’m hearing its his bodyguard.You heard that new Nore? Ohhhh, yeahhhh…I’m telling you – COMEBACK TIME! On “I’ma Get You” Nore says, “I used to export in a Escort!” (Shout out to, Larry! Shout out to Rivi – I know  you were the inspiration for this song!)

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