Hip-Hop Rumors: Ciara’s New Dude? Skillz Raps Up! What Does Jay & B’s Tat Mean?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS Read my editorial “Top 10 Chump Moves In Hip-Hop!” and Hip-Hop Rumors: Illseed Gets Weirder! Jay-Z Gets Dissed? Dame’s Thang? PETA Gets Vick! TODAY’S RUMORS! KANYE […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Read my editorial “Top 10 Chump Moves In Hip-Hop!”


Hip-Hop Rumors: Illseed Gets Weirder! Jay-Z Gets Dissed? Dame’s Thang? PETA Gets Vick!



So, John Legend’s new artist Estelle is seemingly something to behold on her own. But, I am hearing that her backing so super strong…stronger. Kanye West strong. Apparently, Kanye raps with a mock British accent to add to the flavor on his song with her. That song is called “American Boy.” I heard it is very funny. Not to bring 50 Cent up in the mix, but remember 50 did that earlier this year? Click here to listen to 50’s Brit rap on “So Serious.”


Somebody tried to tell me that Skillz wasn’t doing a 2007 Rap Up because he was stumped. Then they said he got a ghostwriter to help him seal the deal and push through it. Well, neither is correct. The Rap Up is on the way and Skillz is actually taking things to the next level from what I have been told. Actually, I knew this information for quite some time, but was sworn to secrecy. “What’s the next level?” you might ask. Well, Skillz is supposed to be doing a video for the song and it will be QUITE FUNNY. The song must be done if they are doing a video…HMMMMM….So, with that said, I suppose we’ll wait and see. Shout out to, Simp!


This racer chap named Lewis Hamilton is the real deal. We saw him with Naomi Campbell and now this guy is reportedly dating Ciara. Over across the pond, they saying Lew has been showing Ciara around the town in Selfridges. I don’t know where that is, but excuse my ignorance. Anyway, they said that Lew went on a spending spree and got her all this stuff for Christmas. Ain’t that something else?


Bun B is coming back! Thank goodness. You know, Bun is a grown a** man. We need more grown men with some weight to lead the charge in Hip-Hop. No, I don’t mean men trying to be young boys. I mean, MEN! Anyway, Rap-A-Lot says that Bun’s album will be called II Trill (Too Trill) and the first single is called “Gangster” with Sean “Lil’ Big Biggie” Kingston. Look for that in March.


Jay-Z and Beyonce are not married, but they both have “IV” tatted on their ring fingers. Now, some have speculated that this IV represents forever, but I don’t think so. That means FOUR in Roman. I did a lil’ research to see what else it could mean. Here is with Wiki said:

IV as an acronym may refer to:

* Current-voltage in electronics where I=current and V=voltage

* Côte d’Ivoire, from the NATO country code

* Immigration voice a non-profit organisation working to alleviate problems faced by legal high-skilled foreign workers in the United States.

* Implied volatility in financial mathematics

* Independent verification systems, voting machines

* Industrievereinigung, Federation of Austrian Industry

* Initialization vector, a nonsecret binary vector in cryptography

* Instrumental variable, a statistical analysis method

* Inter vivos trust, a living trust created during a person’s lifetime

* International Viewpoint, the monthly magazine of the Reunified Fourth International

* InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a Christian ministry for college students

* Intravenous therapy, giving a liquid substances directly into a vein

* IrfanView, a freeware image viewer

* Irish Volunteers, a historical organisation from Ireland.

* Isla Vista, an unincorporated community in Santa Barbara County, California, US

So which is is? I think Irish Volunteers or International Viewpoint is about right for Jay and B.


Shout out to my gal pal Kally. I love that name…its close to Kelly, but better.

Speaking of Kelly, Kelly Rowland is rumored to be dating Reggie Yates, who is a DJ for Radio One. They were allegedly away out at Movida, a club in London. He needs to be working in the US!

Why are people talking about Fantasia like we JUST heard she was preggers with Young Dro. That’s old dro. The new dro is that she isn’t pregnant and that’s a let down. I wanted to see what sort of baby would result from a union between a Dro and a Fanstasia.

Rihanna has been named the most-streamed artist on MSN Music. I don’t know what sort of honor that is, but it’s cool.

Whitney and Bobby just cant seem to get divorced. Bob’s lawyer has resigned after he and the King of R&B had a bunch of fights. A Jan. 4 court date will have its wig pushed back.

If you are in New York and you want some mentorship or guidance, Kevin Powell wants you. This is the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation. It is a FREE afterschool readiness program for BROOKLYN teenagers from low-income backgrounds. Get the information… click here.

People in the Atlanta area are mad at that lil’ Peta thing they did on Mike Vick. Some charge that it is pretty petty and juvenile.

Word has it, Byung-Hun Lee and Rachel Nichols have been added to the upcoming G.I. Joe movie as Snake Eyes and Scarlet. Click here for a preview.

R. Kelly made it to court yesterday. Man that rumor was all wrong. My bad, sad, mad and glad.

They saying Amy Winehouse wanted to go to jail, because she thinks it will get her closer to her hubby Blake. Whoa.


If you want to be a good internet gangsta, you gotta watch this right here so you know how to properly train.


In this day and age, it would be really cool to hear The Pharcyde back together. Well, lookie what illseed has in his Santa bag-a new song from the guys? Yes and its called “All I Want 4 Xmas (Is Somebody Else)” Download it here. If you want to just watch…see below. Shout out to Nextthing for the link. (Oh yeah…this song is like 14 years old, I heard. But I really like it.)


Check out the new Tone Loc jawn with that crazy chick Peaches. A remix of “Wild Thang.” Go, Tone!!


This one is titled “Video Games is the new Hip-Hop.”

Looks like video games are going to be the subject of much controversy soon, and with good reason. A 16 and 17 year old have been charged in the beating death of a 7 year old. The teens were said to be mimicking moves from “Mortal Kombat.” The kid was the half sister of one of the teens. Can you believe it?

Here is a run down of key details according to the Associated Press:

According to a police affidavit, the teens were baby-sitting Trujillo’s half-sister, Zoe Garcia, on December 6 while the girl’s mother was at work.

Zoe lost consciousness and stopped breathing after the teens hit, kicked and body-slammed her, imitating moves used in the video game, the document said.

Trujillo and Roberts tried reviving the girl by putting her under running water and attempting CPR before they called her mother and 911, the affidavits stated. The girl died at a hospital.

An autopsy showed she had a broken wrist, more than 20 bruises, swelling of the brain, and bleeding in her neck muscles and under her spine, the affidavits said.

These teens face 48 years in jail. What is going on in peoples heads? Are they just whacked out of their freaking minds?

Check out what people had to say about Nate Kane…most didn’t know that he was Em’s brother so they gave him an unbiased opinion.



I don’t know what to think…yes I do. I’m tired of people messing up something that a lot of people sacrificed for. I want us to prosper without some dudes destroying Hip-Hop! Anyway, I thought I would give Kid Money some burn to get this off his chest plate about the fight between Jim Jones and Cassidy’s crew at Dr. Ben Chavis’ HipHopSodaShop.

It’s taken a lot for me to write this but this is a subject that is dear to me because of my association with the HipHopSodaShop. I am not looking to gain publicity, but rather to reveal another side of things. The writer of the story was very correct in saying that this was a successful event regardless of the altercation that took place. I was on hand for the event. I saw the disturbance first hand. Was this a step back at the time, definitely. Did it move from there with positive words from Dr. Ben and the likes of more celebrities coming out and enjoying the venue, certainly. We are so focused on the negative side of things that we often miss the good that comes about. The focus of a one minute altercation in comparison to the 14 hour festival is not what we need in this state of Hip-Hop.

The outside world has enough of a negative view on things and it is hard enough to keep a positive image. I’m not discrediting the events that occurred but rather to touch more on the positive details. Touch on the fact that these artists came into a community and touched fans. Speak on how Busta Rhymes walked a red carpet and spoke to every child in attendance about staying in school and keeping the grades up. Speak on how the artists & celebrities, that included the likes of Andre Harrell, Doug E Fresh, Jibbs, Gucci Mane, Pleasure P, Juelz Santata, Winky Wright, Cassidy, Drag-On, Acafool, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Red Rat, Jim Jones, Trey Songz, 2 Pistols, Ms. Ivy, Tango & more willingly took pictures & rubbed elbows with fans young and old alike. Speak on the positive affect this has on the hip hop community as a whole. Not on how unprofessional the security/entourages handled themselves as well as some of the artists involved. I love what allhiphop.com brings on every level of the site because I do read through more than just the rumors, but let us please take note to the bigger picture of things. You can’t see the beauty of the Mona Lisa by only looking at her eye. If we’re going to report, then report on the real affect of an event.

I think people have to realize that the bigger picture is not sweeping things under the rug or acting like they didn’t happen, but cleaning up. Min. Ben and Jim are homies. Have a talk and get it right. There are too many eyes on us and if we don’t clean us up, THEY WILL. Well, they are..you see what has happened in the last few years…stay tuned.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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